TNs: Birthday Bash '83s

another not to sleep on is the 1986 Marqués de Murrieta Rioja Castillo Ygay Gran Reserva Especial Blanco if you can find it


I found it. But it is not cheap. But splashing on a fun bottle or two would be okay.

Rauzan Segla is extraordinary.


Another '84 person here. Maybe that’s why I never got too motivated to look for birth year wines, though I hear there are some good ones, including from California (Montebello, Martha’s Vineyard, etc.)

I think its reputation is much better than the wine. I think it‘s meh…

But you have to like some oxidation notes to like this wine. I don‘t, so while I appreciate the quite great complexity nobody at our table really wanted seconds.

I’ve not found the motivation to splurge on some of those wines of the vintage, although they often do come up at winebid. Oddly, Silver Oak Anderson Valley and Caymus Special Select are the best California wines I’ve had (but would eagerly want to taste the ones you mentioned, along with Diamond Creek, Dunn, Opus and Dominus)

This is certainly true, and not just a little bit of oxidation! I tasted this at a table of 10 or 12 and it went quickly, on a similar register but quite a lot more polished than the LdH blanco reservas. Almost like the way a late disgorged/release Champagne tastes more youthful than one in bottle for many years? I mentioned it bc our man Lasse drinks a lot of jura wines and surely would be interested in the wine.

Indeed. I love the sous voile wines from Jura! And i like oxidative notes in white wines overall (as long as the wine is not dead and oxidized).

Dirk blended a bit of 1945 Niepoort Colheita into this bottling to freshen it.

I have one bottle of this… tentatively thinking about drinking it on my 50th!