TNs: Are There Any QPR's In Washington?? Plus a Few Others

Sitting in a hotel in SF and the CSM riesling is right there by the glass so I give it a shot. Not bad but not varietally correct. I’m writing the tasting note on my phone and the server asks if I’d like another chardonnay. Ha! Free wine!

Nice wine, love the zest. I think this would age nicely. Certainly has the fruit and acid.

Nice notes of course in Texas prices suck 2009 CH CANON LA GAFFELIERE ST EMILION 2009 FRANCE $210.52 750ml Bottle 15-Jan-2013. Always amazes me I can buy out of state ship to storage and then ship to me for less than buying locally.

I used to sell this wine. I agree it is very well made and fairly priced. Last tasted it a few years ago from 375 at Passion Fish.

The CSM Riesling is agressively priced in Reno, I have seen it as low as $5.39. A QPR no brainer even neophytes enjoy.

Justin always been a fan of the boom boom, but damn we get here for less than$15…also agree on the velvet devil…granted I can get it for $13 so It makes a good party wine, but it is over oaked dr.pepper

Forgot to mention we had the Hedges CMS which was a great QPR as well.