TNs: a load of wines tasted in a shop in Hong Kong.

At Amo Eno, IFC Mall, Hong Kong.

1989 Chateau L’Evangile; Pomerol
round, cherry, plum, strawberry and perfume, round, crisp and a touch sweet. Whilst it drinks, it feels a touch disjointed. Nice freshness and length, lots of crisp herby fruit, a touch of cassis and blackcurrants, clay and wet putty, minerals, still structured and youthful with good depth, drinking but it hasn’t developed any tertiary aromas just yet. *****(*+) or [4+4.5+4.5+4=17/20]

2003 Chateau La Mission Haut Brion, Pessac-Leognan
smoke and ripe plum, round and herby with tobacco, cassis, tobacco, ashy soil, classic LMHB rusticity, nice length, poise and depth but fairly ripe… Again, one of my more enjoyable 03s. Soft tannins, structure and spice. *****(*+) or [4+4+4.5+4=16.5+/20]

1998 Chateau d’Armailhac, Pauillac
herbs, band-aid, rubber, more perfume and dark fruits, mint, very crisp, a touch of VA, but for the moment kept in check by the tannin and deep fruit, more reminiscent of a painfully young Nebbiolo which has seen a fair amount of new oak. Soil, soy, oyster sauce, structured but without typical slickness. Grit and tobacco. Forest fruits and forest floor. Dark plum, better balance with some air. In fact coming to life, but it lacks real class… A touch cumbersome but people will like it. ****(**) or [4+4.5+4+4=16.5/20]

1988 Solaia, Bolgheri, Antinori
crisp, iron filings, sandstone, strawberry, red and black plum, nice freshness, nice poise and freshness, herbs, minerals, sea breeze and salinity, oyster shell, very appealing and subtle as oppose to blowsy but with plenty of space to grow into something nice. *****() or [4+4.5+4.5+4.5=17.5+?/20]

2007 Vosne-Romanée 1er Cru “Les Beaux Monts”; Jean-Jacques Confuron
perfume, delicacy, surprisingly soft for the producer, herbs and freshness, minerals, strawberry, roses, some dark fruits and Vosne power, raspberry and cranberry, herby, verging on some green notes, but this is complex and lovely. Subtle and long, friendly and accessible. Wonderfully long contemplative finish *() or [4.5+4.5+4.5+4.5=18/20]

2007 Nuits Saint Georges “Clos des Fourches”; Jacques-Frederic Mugnier
crisp, perfumed, mineral but more dense and powerful, brooding and difficult, but with depth, poise, balance and perfume, ink, strawberry, decaying roses and sea air, it doesn’t want to be spoken to, but sits looking at the horizon for hours, it holds beauty but you can’t touch it, you can just see it from afar. Beguiling and haunting… Whilst never being hard. (+) or [4+4.5+5+4=17.5+/20]

2007 Chambolle-Musigny “Les Veroilles”; Bruno Clair
delicate, fragile, strawberry, roses, lifted, light, like walking from a meadow full of summer smells with a beautiful girl, elegant minerality, poise… A pretty wine, but long and complex. It isn’t a wow wine that will blow you away, but it certainly is a beauty. ***() or [4.5+4+4.5+4.5=17.5/20]

This shop in the IFC Mall, 3rd Floor in Central, Hong Kong is like a high tech version of the Sampler in London. They have the latest Enomatics and have developed software. You throw your card on the touch screen table and it brings up what you have tasted which can then be sent to social media, and you can search their database. They also allow you to not use pre-pay but to use the card as a credit card… (a shame they picked Microsoft and not Apple, because they have the software but not the hardware for their tables).

They also have these bags. The bottle goes in, and they pump it full of air, so the bag fills up to the point where it pushes air out of the inner bag (where the bottle is) and creates a vacuum around the bottle.

Looks really good. I have not visited this shop yet. Is it like a shop or more like a bar that would make a good destination pre dinner drinks place. Is it crazy expensive or reasonable?.
How many wines do they have to taste?. It looks like you got a really nice selection!



They have about 50-60 wines to taste, including some really pricy stuff. It is a shop where you can taste and buy bottles.

You can stand and taste, or buy a bottle and drink, or take it away. Or sit in the secluded area and eat whilst drinking as one would standing up in full view of the outside world.

A small but cool place.

Prices are pretty reasonable for what they have!


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