TN's: A Couple Of SQN Whites and Reds

2006 Hoodoo Man: Popped and poured. Very viscous and oily. I liken it to tropical fruit salad in a glass that has a dash of oak. Without a doubt this wine isn’t for everyone and probably will be off putting to those that aren’t very oak tolerant in their whites. Will need a couple more years to settle down.

2005 The Petition: Again, popped and poured. Still improving from the first bottle that I had a year ago. The oak has calmed down from my previous experiences, but the wine has lost none of the power. More coconut and shaved wax than the Hoodoo man. Between the two, I prefer The Petition at this stage.

2005 Atlantis Syrah: Decanted for eight hours. WAY better than my last bottle over the summer. Heat is starting to back off a bit and isn’t as noticeable. Black fruits, sweet anise, spice and an underlying minerality dominate the palate. Oak is still there, but starting to integrate into the wine…still, those that don’t like the oak, need not apply at this stage. Eventually, this might replace Poker Face as my favorite SQN syrah.

2006 Raven Series Syrah: Decanted for twelve hours. First pour was off the charts…deep dark purple in the glass with a very pronounce nose of cassis and vanilla. I honestly don’t think the oak is as pronounced on the Raven at this stage as compared to the Atlantis. Palate is blueberry, raspberry, vanilla and the same mineral streak that Atlantis possesses…but more restrained.

I still need to try this! Bold statement but I would love to compare.

Ive always thought it was a toss up between Pface and Atlantis. Ive only had each three times…twice head to head. Pface seems bigger to me, the atlantis makes me think a little more.

I have not liked the petition either time I had it but its been a year. Loved the Hoodoo at that huge tasting because it wasnt as oaky as the rest…go figure…

Your note on the Raven made me salivate, literally. Cant wait.

Rico, it is a statement I would not have made last year with the first taste…or even this past summer. I think the wine is progressing very well now and should only continue to improve. I think a Poker Face, Atlantis & Raven Series verticle is in order if you ever make it to Tejas.

For my tastes, I enjoy the Atlantis more than the Poker Face. I haven’t done them side by side though

Hmm–I think the Atlantis and Poker Face are about as different as different can be. The Atlantis is the first SQN Syrah I’ve had the is Old World in style, and the PF is much more typical SQN (based on my experience which is far from complete).

Looking forward to a Raven–I plan on being home in a few weeks and raiding the locker for all the Spring arrivals!


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