TNS: 95 Rousseau CSJ, 02 Bouchard Beaune Chateau

95 Rousseau CSJ
Pop and pour, this took exactly 30 seconds to hit full stride. Ain’t it great when that happens? A beautiful medley of sous bois, red cherries and wet stone/ore/iron. Graceful and transitioned across the palate with ease. The proverbial iron fist in a velvet glove, or something like that. Dug the acidity here.

02 Bouchard Chateau Beaune Rouge
Awkward and angular at first, but after a quick decant, this straightened out. Black fruits and mushrooms segue into more powerful dark fruits in the mouth. Very long, though intertwined with the sweet fruit is a dab (and I mean a dab) of alcohol/heat. I’d sit on these longer b/c it comes off as coiled still, but for $19.99, can’t beat it with a stick.

Thanks for the notes, Peter. Especially on the Bouchard, since I pulled a bottle from storage recently to try. I opened my last one about two years ago and it was quite tight then, tighter than what you describe. So it’s great to hear that it’s beginning to open up, even if it still needs more time. And very helpful information about the decanting as well.

Thanks for the notes on these. I’m a big fan of that '95 CSJ; maybe not quite up there with '93 and '99 in that decade, but a wonderful CSJ. In general, I really like Rousseau’s '95s (and only wish I had bought more!).

Good to know about the Bouchard. I don’t think I’ve had that one since release, really impressive then, especially as you note for the money!


Oooh, love those CSJ from Rousseau. It’s been a while since I’ve had a Rousseau, thanks for the note. And the Bouchard sounds quite nice too, especially at that price.

Had the 95 Rousseau CSJ the other day – beautiful wine. You hit the nail on the head. Really in a nice balance now of earth, fruit, acid, and tannin. 5 years and it will be KILLER. Had the '01 last night, and it’s a monster right now, absolutely gorgeous nose, but needs 5 more years AT LEAST before I open another. Love Rousseau. Wish I had more. Thanks for the notes.