TNs: 60 month heads up - 2015 Ulysse Collin Les Enfers v 2015 Ulysse Collin Les Roises

  • 2015 Ulysse Collin Champagne Blanc de Blancs Extra-Brut 60 mois Les Enfers - France, Champagne (10/3/2022)
    Palate is fairly exuberant energy as I think of Collin. Very acid driven and mouthfeel is intense from the acid and strong bubbles. Very youthful. Even a decant barely softened it. Interestingly enough some tannin on the back end . It’s mostly all the youthful austere structure and fruit is still fairly subdued though. It’s just all acid. All grower champagne. 🤷🏻 Also there was this woody presence on the nose that reminded me of oak but not sure how that's possible on here?
  • 2015 Ulysse Collin Champagne Blanc de Blancs Extra-Brut 60 mois Les Roises - France, Champagne (10/3/2022)
    Now we are talking. Bit of reduction on the nose. Really round sweet subtle apple, yeast and Asian pear. What’s interesting and brings complexity is the savoriness it pulls in on the palate. It screams of oyster brine but that brine is mixed together with Broad fruit on the palate. It’s rounder and more elegant mouthfeel than the enfers. The wine keeps changing significantly with each pour. Decanter really did this wine good. It has that vinous quality that I seek from champagne producers and it does it really well. 🥰

(added a little video i did re: what everyone already knows from the Collin thread re: pricing/exclusivity etc)

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looking forward to trying these, thanks for the preview.

also, i was like who is this handsome devil… i kept swiping right.

Been too loving since we man hugged. Forgot your warm embrace my friend.

Also decanted the champagne at the restaurant. Really helped!