TNs: 2013 Beta Vare Cabernet Sauvignon, 2018 D&R Rodnick Farm Mourvèdre

2018 Dirty and Rowdy Rodnick Farm Mourvèdre

Larger in scale and more structured than some of the other D&R wines and a bit more complex. Cranberries and some other dark fruits on the nose. Rich palate with more pronounced tannins. Long finish.

2013 Beta Wines Vare Cabernet Sauvignon

Initially very acidic and thin on the palate before being poured into the decanter. After 30 min started to open up and gained strength over a couple hours. Dark purple in the glass but deceptively light on the palate with classic Cabernet bouquet. Good acidity and lithe palate with elegant tannins, no heat, and an extremely long finish. Most similar to 70s era old school Cabs to my palate. Tremendous wine and the best cab I’ve had in a long time. Outstanding.

Wonder when his diamond mountain wine will be released?

Based on the timeline I can recall from memory, this year may be the first vintage.

2019 was the first year Ketan harvested estate fruit. Knowing him it will be 4-5 years before he releases it.

And thanks for the great note. I love these wines and I am so happy a few producers are making wines in this style again.

Yeah excited to see more vintages; I see some on CT but haven’t ever seen them for sale.

Had a bottle of the D&R Rodnick for Thanksgiving 2018–it wasn’t ready yet. I left a TN on CT if you want more details. Still have two asleep downstairs, I’ll let them wait for now.

PS before '18, this was called Antle.

When I visited a couple years ago he had a vertical of 2011-2014 Montecillo. Probably has more recent vintages now if you visit (after all this COVID stuff).

Let the Rodnick/Antle go a few years. I think it may need the most time among the svd Mourvedre from D&R. I have 2013 and 2014 in the “drink anytime” pile right now.

Popping the ‘13 Vare tonight, sounds like I should decant it now for drinking at 7pm.

Yeah it wouldn’t hurt to try a sip to see if you find it similar but it didn’t show well until it had ~30 min of air.

Interesting. I thought the 2013 Vare was showing well right on pop n’ pour but after 45-60 minutes of air it began to shut down.

I tried it last fall over two nights as pop and pour, it was much better on day two.
After an hour in the decanter it still seems a little tight so I’ll let it sit for now.

Like Michael’s this drank really well. Most exciting new Cab producer in my book, and I kicking myself for not buying the first vintages released back in '18.
We had take out prime rib that was also delicious. The restaurant even gifted me 18 beignets and a bottle of Rioja. The wine is resting but the beignets disappeared very quickly. Excellent and reasonably priced restaurant called Metro Cafe and I’m happy to say that they are doing well even in these times.