TNs: 2011 Vieux Chateau Certain, 2011 Chateau Magdelaine

Get me one for my birthday!

I have been desperately searching in my cellar for my single mislaid 2011 VCC for close to a year. I know I have it, and remember putting it temporarily somewhere smart during my last cellar revision… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ha, love this. I know I have some 2007 Allemand Reynard but cannot find it. One day I will, and I will probably be better for it, with extra maturity.

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Yeah I have a ton of 2019 vcc, not sure when it’ll be ready though.

When you find it, gaze at it lovingly, think about drinking it, then put it away for a few more years. Though it drinks incredibly right now if you must :slight_smile:

Yeah I have 05, 07, and 08 which I’m holding for a few more years yet.

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Some of us are reaching that time of life when a little less maturity wouldn’t go amiss!
Thanks for the excellent notes as always - glad I managed to find some Magdelaine 2011s just recently !

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After many a false dawn, I think I may have sourced a half case of the 2011 Magdelaine!


You crazy.