TNs: 2009 Kutch McDougall PN and 2012 Lucia SLH Chardonnay

Took these to dinner last night, revisited them with a lunch snack today. Both wines changed over night, which for me highlights again the whole idea of stopping time, commenting on a wine, then hitting the play button again. Only when we can know the backstory and the broader context can we have better understanding as to how to see a wine and the opinions that are offered about them. These are mine, thanks for reading.

  • 2012 Lucia Chardonnay Santa Lucia Highlands - USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Lucia Highlands (3/8/2014)
    Richer side of chardonnay, which for me has consistently been how I have seen Jeff make this wine. The aromatics and texture on this wine to this point ring much like a barrel sample. Pineapple, mango, yellow apple, lemon curd, coconut, with a good dollop of spice in the back end of the wine. I like the acid in the wine, which flavors it though a lens of lemon. This buffers against the new oak that is still present, the coconut and texture that the youth adds here. My wife really liked this wine last night, I like it better today now having the chance to get the acid in the wine that I failed to get last night. Drink window would be 2015 through 2018, and I’d let the barrel youth settle and then enjoy.
  • 2009 Kutch Pinot Noir McDougall Ranch - USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Coast (3/7/2014)
    First of two bottles that I bought back in 2011. I feel I know Jamie’s wines better now, although I am a bit more blind on the 09s. Right out of the bottle, which I did cellar temp, was a bit austere with crunchier red fruit and tight. With air, letting it warm, the wine expectedly richens but it maintains the red fruit, picking up a touch of root beer and red apple. With more air, then the red fruit takes on a distinct red cherry note and raspberry, fattens more in the palate but still retains good definition. With more air, we’ll see how it goes…a day later, enjoying with some goat cheese and whole wheat bread, the wine has woek up. Not sure whether any whole cluster hit this wine but there is an herbal element in the wine that has surfaced, adding complexity to the aromatic and palate. The fruit is darker, so now more black cherry like, with an irony aspect and the same raspberry. The acidity is really quite present in the finish and adds a zesty quality to it, giving me a sense that the wine has life to go. Looking at the wine today and yesterday, it’s easy to see how evolution with air occurs, and how a tasting note can be a fixed point in time, subject to variation based on when the taster decides to stop time and reflect. With that, I differ with some in CT that were not as happy with this wine as I am. I wish I had now bought the mag of it that was auctioned at Falltacular a few weeks ago–this will be a wine that can be drank now and should go another 6-8 years.

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