TNs: 2004 Don Melchor

  • 2004 Concha y Toro Cabernet Sauvignon Don Melchor - Chile, Central Valley, Maipo Valley, Puente Alto (5/30/2009)
    – decanted for two hours before tasting –
    – tasted non-blind over 1 hour –
    – 94% Cabernet Sauvignon, 6% Cabernet Franc –

NOSE: Expressive bouquet of underbrush and smoke with an element of rubber; some oak, but not overbearing; deep red fruits hiding in the shadows of this earthy bouquet.

BODY: garnet color of great depth; medium bodied.

TASTE: like its bouquet, this is very earthy on the palate; smoke, underbrush and leather; loganberry fruit and a pleasing touch of funk; healthy tannic grip; this wine has gone almost nowhere since the last bottle I had about 8 months ago. Drinks great now, but will certainly improve with time. Will I be able to keep my hands off my other couple bottles?? I really wish I would have loaded-up big-time on this wine.

B: 50, 5, 13, 16, 8 = (92 pts.)

– 94% Cabernet Sauvignon, 6% Cabernet Franc –

NOSE: initially this wine featured expressive aromas of chocolate, sweet leather and dusty blackberries; a strong vegetal streak is there too; with additional air time the bouquet opened to reveal hints of coffee, anise, and raspberry jam. This got more and more appealing the longer the bottle was open.

BODY: dark garnet color of great depth; fine particulate matter is suspended in the wine; medium-full bodied.

TASTE: initially, this wine’s flavor profile mirrored it’s bouqet, exhibiting sweet leather, bramble, and a hint of funk. This wine seemed to turn a corner and really blossom after being decanted for 45-60 min.: the palate fleshed out as pleasing notes of woodsy spice (cigar wrapper) came forward; this is well-balanced with a medium-length finish. There is a hole at the rear mid-palate, but I would expect this to fill-in with time. This bottle was increasingly intriguing from start to end, and its evolution in those two short hours suggests an interesting 15-20 years of life lie ahead.

B: 50, 5, 12, 16, 9 = (92 pts.)

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Thanks for the TN. I have one of these and have had to force myself from opening it.

the price on the 06 went up, even costco is 60+. Too bad. I enjoyed the 05 greatly at $50 =(
Thanks for the note !

I enjoyed one of these about 6 months ago and had impressions similar to yours. I have three more and plan to hold them for a few more years.

Did you notice a green streak in the wine? I recall that I did, but in a good way.

I had three bottles of this and all three had a GIANT green streak in them that made the wine practically undrinkable. Sad considering how much I enjoyed all the other vintages I’ve had. I have a couple of 05s and frankly I am scared to open them for fear that they will be like the 04s I had.

I did in the bouquet of the one I drank on 9/13/2008 (see above). I did not notice that this time around, however.

Try to hold off for a few years … move it to off-site, if it’s not there already. I have a couple more – I’m going to do my best not to touch another one for at least 5 years. It will be tough b/c it tastes so damn good right now.

Bought a couple of magnums in OWC from Costco for $75 and still have them. Also have a case (6 bottles) of the 03. Drank all my 05’s, did not purchase any of the 06’s due to price.

Thanks for the great note Brian.


Any recent notes on the 05?

none from me, but there’s plenty here:" onclick=";return false;

I would be awfully interested in reading any more '05 TN’s, as I have a few of those stowed away as well. [cheers.gif]

I like this one “rated 90 points: Drinkable.”
Lot’s of help from this note!

I think i will be patient.

Not particularly my style of wine, but I ordered off a restaurant list for my Mom and I after a very stressful day. Mom is not really a red wine person, but I figured that the usual core sweetness/etc of these kind of wines would work. She loved it, so I can pretty conclusively say there is no greeness in there whatsoever.

Had had it another time and it is very good at what it does.


I had the 2003 last week with my wife and in-law. Drinking well, though could use a bit more time. I did not detect a green streak, though I am not even sure what that is supposed to taste like. Nice cab for $40 (went well with the Bryan’s rib-eye).

Hi Mike,

I never wrote the note in CT (got lazy). I had the wine in the decanter for 2 hours and had very similar notes as bubbachumps