TN's - 1999 Beaucastel and 2001 Pegau Reservee

1999 Beaucastel CdP Rouge - Decanted and poured, immediate pepper, herbs, black cherry, it was not as big as many Beau’s, seemed properly matured, integrated and very enjoyable.

2001 Pegau Reservee - Decanted and poured, more plum than the Beau, also some interesting herbs, really paired well with grilled lamb. Seems to be close to mature but I think it has a few more years until it peaks.

Both showed well right after the decants and were enjoyable both before the food, and then were excellent with the food, (the 1999 with BBQ Chicken, and the 2001 with Lamb).

Enjoyable in the Atlanta Summer. Will start to drink more CNdP’s once it starts to cool in late Fall.

I really liked the 99 recently in a 99/00/01 lineup.

Alan - At this time, i prefer the '99 to the 2000 and 2001. I bought quite a bit of the 2001 so I do hope that it has some significant development to go.