TNs: 1995 Dehlinger Syrah, 1984 Dehlinger Merlot

  • 1995 Dehlinger Syrah - USA, California, Sonoma County, Russian River Valley (10/9/2022)
    My friend Roger was in town working harvest at Scherrer. We had him Fred and Judi over for dinner and Fred brought this gem. It’s amazing what good provenance can do for an already great wine.

    Had one of these about 4 years ago and remember it fondly. This one pours a dark magenta color with absolutely no bricking. Nose of dried flowers, sage, mushrooms and dark berries. The palate while complete is elegant and seamless with blackberry, loam, dried black cherry and a dusting of white pepper. The balance on this wine is incredible from nose to finish, savory, with perfect acidity and fully resolved tannins. Such a treat at 27yrs. This very well could be the best bottle of Syrah I’ve ever tasted.

  • 1984 Dehlinger Merlot - USA, California, Sonoma County (10/9/2022)
    The last of a 3pack purchased in a cellar sale.

    This showed the best of the 3. Advanced nose and color, a bit Maderized with a brick red appearance. The underlying fruit was a lovely mix of red cherry, rhubarb, strawberry and tea. Not as much acidity as the Syrah but still a bit of chewy tannin in the finish. There was a little push of leather but overall fairly simple aromatically. I appreciated that it was still drinkable at 38yrs of age. It fell apart fairly quickly after a few hours but delighted us for the short time we followed it.

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I very much enjoyed reading your notes on these wines. I was on their list for years in the 90s until about 2010 (I now live in Portugal). Their Syrahs of this period were my favorite and you have brought back some nice memories.

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Dehlinger was a winery I bought from in the early 2000’s and am sort of sad I quit buying there wines because the always seemed to deliver delicious bottles. I drank my last Dehlinger a few months ago, a 2005 Cab, and it was delicious.

The 27 year old Syrah being your best bottle ever is quite a statement… seems we all might benefit from a bit more patience. I love aged wines and was fortunate to share a 2001 Carlisle Zinfandel Riebli Ranch Friday that was amazing.

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I have always loved Dehlinger’s wines…I bought a bunch of mid-90’s Pinots on Winebid over the years, they were such great wines. The Dehlinger Cabs are also great, some of the very few made in the Russian River Valley. The 2001 Dehlinger Reserve Cab is still one of the best Cabs I have every had…


I too love those 90s and early 00s Dehlinger wines. Cut my wine geek teeth on them.

It may be confirmation bias but I thought wines got a bit more plump and rich when daughter got more involved. Moved on then …

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Thx for the note. Dehlinger is one of my bigger holdings and while i only go back a decade or so I’ve got plenty to hold for much longer


Sorry for the delayed response. Many thanks to you and D for a great evening, that halibut was fantastic and your cellar is amazing!

I was glad that Fred and Judi could make it. Normally they are totally overwhelmed at the winery this time of year but with the very early and somewhat lighter harvest they actually had some time to bust loose for a change.

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It’s always a pleasure to have you my friend. Til next time! :clinking_glasses: