TNS: 18 Tyler Rinconada Chard, 14 Swan Cuvee Trois & 18 Fornerol CdN Vilages

Few recent bottles…

Love everything Tyler produces, though their Chardonnays for me are the standouts. Discovered them in 2019 and promptly joined the list, until prices escalated and I had to drop it this year. Really stunning juice but once prices got to $80ish for the better vineyards…anyway the 2018 La Rinconada Chardonnay is another beauty. It’s chiseled and stacked, lots of tension but it truly reminds me of 1er Cru white Burgundy. Decant it for current drinking but should be even better in 3-5.

Scored some Joseph Swan PN on WineBid earlier this year, popped the 2014 Cuvee de Trois and was stunned to see it was 14.3%. This still needs some time to settle in and attain balance. Good on pop n pour but it’s slightly candied fruit comes off a touch hot. I haven’t had a Swan PN since the early aughts at Grape to Glass and I recall them being lower alcohol and turning savory with age, almost like an old Ecard Savigny les Beaune. Anyway a decent bottle that hopefully improves with a bit more age, we’ll see.

The 2018 Didier Fornerol CdN Villages red Burgundy is delicious and has been a confounding bottle for me. First one I opened was horrific, loaded with brett and other dirty elements. Was nothing like how Crush Wine’s offer described this new to me producer and I called to see if they’d give me a credit if I sent back the other bottles. They were game but said to try another bottle as that wasn’t their experience. So I popped another which was OK, a bit four square but certainly not offensive. This was 2020 and 2021, fast forward to this week and the fruit is popping and in some ways kind of reminds me of Rousseau’s texture…glides across your palate but packed with nuance and fruit. I’d continue to sit on these as it’s improved remarkably over 3 years.


Agreed re Tyler wines- good across the board.

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