TNs: 09 Dom/Cristal, 01 Margaux, 86 Barton, veuve

2009 Dom Perignon:

This was drinking amazing this wknd, opulent with toast and white peach, just superb.

2009 Cristal:

Surprisingly this was at best even with the Dom. A bit more precise and elegant, it just lacked the hedonistic pleasure of the Dom.

1986 Leoville Barton

At or just past peak, super well integrated tannins, lovely fruit, and beautiful super long finish. As good as it gets for medium term bdx.

2001 Margaux

Decanted 2 hours, could’ve used 3-4; much more stuffing than the Barton, this was crazy good, just singing and beautiful. Everyone liked the Barton more until the Margaux just hit another gear.

Veuve NV: still underwhelming at best. I could call it insipid and uninspired if I were in a generous mood.


Nice to hear the 01 Margaux can live up to its potential. I had it out of DM a year ago without a decant, and it was a bit surly.

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Sorry for the poor sap who brought the Veuve… And sorry for everyone who had to drink it.

It was ordered to meet the minimum at top golf, not by me. It was annoying; $260, and 12 Dom was $525 meh.

It’s hilarious how much people on WB %$#@ all over Veuve yellow label. I’m not a fan but my wife and her friends love it (I guess they are the target demographic). It’s certainly drinkable and is appropriately priced at $50 retail (perhaps 10-20% overpriced, but close enough). $260/bottle is egregious though…

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2009 Dom Perignon:

This was drinking amazing this wknd, opulent with toast and white peach, just superb.

I’m a fan of the 2009 vintage for Dom. Very underrated, particularly since it follows (or actually precedes, if you go by release date) the 2008. The first time I had it, it was actually super elegant – the exact opposite of opulent. Bottles I’ve had since have been a bit richer. I wonder if it’s been gaining weight with bottle age, or if that’s just bottle variation. In any case, a great wine.

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Veuve yellow label is straight trash. I’d rather drink gruet. I’ve heard multiple times that it’s improved in recent years but unfortunately it’s not true. Vintage veuve is drinkable. I like extra brut extra old and grande dame.

But… the label is so pretty!

Highly disagree. Vilmart Grand Cellier is an appropriately priced $50 champagne that knocks the socks off Veuve.

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Right. Or you can spend $15 less per bottle and get NV Piper-Heidsieck Brut and still get a Champagne better than Veuve.

I wouldn’t (and didn’t) drink it for free. Took a couple sips then poured it out and switched to hard liquor.

Proving my point…

FWIW - I don’t particularly like Veuve. The dosage is a bit too high for me. But it is consistent, and it’s their house style.

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People here don’t like it because it’s terrible.

The masses are drinking La Crèma and Cakebread. That doesn’t make them good.

I don’t like it, nor do I think it’s good. But I do think there’s a more, shall we say, diplomatic way of expressing that opinion than calling it trash when a fellow Berserker has just said his wife loves it.

There probably is. There’s a reason I’m not a diplomat, I guess.

It’s all good. I’m just having a laugh at the visceral reactions Veuve gets around here. Case in point… this thread has drifted into one only about Veuve, when there were four impressive wines tasted that day we could be talking about instead.

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Veuve has been a gateway, and introduced several folks in my circle to better and/or more interesting Champagnes. Some stopped at things like B-S or L-P Rosé, but others have moved on to fun grower stuff. No different than converting a Meiomi fan to really good Pinot.

You have to start somewhere. If you are happy with that starting point then have fun and enjoy!

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#51 ?

Idk, I might have just sucked it up and paid for the 2012 Dom at that point, especially split a few ways. That upcharge is much more “reasonable”

Yeah I wasn’t the one ordering or paying and didn’t realize the veuve got ordered. It wasn’t a big deal; we’d already had the other 4 bottles on that list immediately prior to going there.