TNs - '06 D'Angerville Champans, '05 Lafarge Volnay VS

I love Volnay. This Lafarge is a must buy in a good Volnay vintage.

'05 Lafarge Volnay Vendange Selectionees-
Beautiful, mineral, earthy, airy nose. Tense, steely fruit that is vibrant and intense. This lacks the mid palate generosity of the 1ers, but it has loads of great Volnay detail and the wonderful sap of '05. Like many '05s (particularly in the Cote de Beaune) this is lightly drying on the finish. I drank it with fatty meat (which buffers the tannin) and loved this.

'06 D’Angerville Volnay Champans-
As much as a I love this domaine, I do not love the '06s.
The nose offers some Volnay minerality but also some dirty aromas. On the palate there is a drying, dirty sensation that I suspect is either hail damage or rot (or GMT or a combination). This is getting worse with more time in the bottle. I realize that this note may be controversial but it is corroborated by notes on CT and the impression of some of the better Burg tasters that I know.

Sorry to hear about the d’Angerville, but thanks for the data point (haven’t had an '06 from the estate yet).

The Lafarge sounds awful tasty, though

Oy! I’ve got an 06 Champans in my cellar. Must pop soon, I fear.

Thanks for the notes, agreed on the Lafarge and thanks for the warning on the d’Angerville. Bought a bunch but haven’t tasted for some time, will have to check back in.


Yikes, I guess I need to dig out some Angerville. Kevin, have you seen this problem just with Champans, or other '06 d’Angervilles as well? I also own a few bottles of Taillepieds and Clos des Ducs.

I tasted the 06 D’Angerville’s in Jan 08 and found them really tannic and drying. Was not at all convinced!

Interesting, I didn’t notice anything resembling what you and 1 person on CT noted (to be fair, 9 notes, not including my 2, were positive fwiw, so I don’t know that CT confirms your impressions) - but I had the first bottle a year ago and the latest back in November. My scoring on CT means nothing other than a quick personal guide to how much I liked a wine, and both my note and “score” in November was worse than in April 09. I don’t have near the experience tasting Burgundy as you and others do, though I’m confident I can detect dirty/raw/off aromas and tastes as good as anyone neener .

Perhaps something is brewing, I’ll have to pop one soon. Hope not, cause I loaded up!

The Lafarge sounds tasty!

I love Volnay and I love Lafarge. Thanks for the notes Kevin, will keep my eyes open for it.

I have noticed similar issues with the Ducs and Taillepieds as well.

In addition to Keith’s notes on the Ducs, here is another on the Champans -" onclick=";return false;. Maybe pbjosh posts here too??

I think these sorts of issues are harder to notice in barrel and just after bottling as the wines have a lot of baby fat that can obscure the faults but with age the issues becomes more pronounced.

Thanks for the data point, Serge.
If Keith is around, I would be interested to hear his take.

Hah. Is Kevin being funny or does he not know who pbjosh is? [pillow-fight.gif]

I was going to jump on some Montille and d’angerville 06 Volnay “bargains” I saw online a few months ago before Josh warned me away.

Yikes! I never warmed up to the Ducs and my latest bottle of it was pretty ugly, but I remember the Champans showing really nicely when it came out. Do we have another grenade vintage on our hands?

I seem to remember a fairly recent discussion a few months ago, about a similar subject regarding the 2006 vintage chez Ghislaine Barhod. I believe that there was a infection known as “gout moisie terreux” in 2006, which affected the skins on the inside and was therefore not detected. It seems to have affected Volnay, Chambolle and Gevrey so far. I guess it really sucks to be me, because the former two are my favourite villages and I bought a lot of Fourrier as well. Anyway, might we be seeing the same thing here?

Kevin, due to your note I also opened the Lafarge. Thanks for the suggestion.

Crystal clear ruby color. Delicate strawberry nose with a touch of loam. Medium bodied with good acidity. Chewy (is that what sappiness means?), minerally, still quite tannic, but approachable. Medium finish.

Very clean, very good. Much more enjoyable than most village wines I’ve had. I think it will be better in 2-5 years, but I doubt I’ll be able to keep my hands off the rest. (91 pts.)

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