TNs - '05 Courcel Pommard Grand Epenots, '99 Rousseau CSJ

No rhyme or reason to this pairing.

’99 Rousseau Gevrey Chambertin Clos St. Jacques-
Wow this is rocking. The maturing aromatics have some sous bois and loads of those CSJ earth chunks. I love the overt minerality of this site. Supremely balanced, delicious and resolved this is just entering its 15 year drinking window. Awesome stuff.

Burg baby killing is a guilty passion of mine. This is a recent Burghound discovery.
’05 Courcel Pommard Grand Clos des Epenots-
Deep blackcherry nose with complex earthiness and spice. I love the whole cluster fireworks and it is rare to see them in a Pommard these days. This is sappy and structured but still enjoyable (for a few brave souls) despite its massive steely scaffolding. This shows incredible potential for the patient. Future great stuff.

Thanks for the note, Kevin. I’m getting excited that some of the '99’s are just starting to come around!

Thanks for the notes Kevin. It take a serious “pair” to pull out such a young Pommard. I love a young Volnay or something similar but I just can’t take the super young Pommards no matter how much I want to.

Thanks Kevin. Got to start dipping into that '99 CSJ. I have been digging heavily into my '96 and although it can use a few more years, it is so damn good. The Courcel sounds amazing and certainly one for our old age.

That’s the right answer, I really don’t recommend opening this one. I taste so much young wine (in barrel etc) that youthful structure doesn’t bother me much.

Me too! '99s were plentiful and inexpensive and I’ve got a bunch. It’s been hard to wait over the last 5 years while they have been in their cranky period. They drank really well through about 2004 and now I think we will get 10-15 years of peak drinking…

Thanks for the notes Kevin. I’ve got a few of the Courcel, but I lack your level of bravery. Mine will rest for now.

That particular Courcel is a bruiser almost regardless of vintage. The 04 wasnt green, but man did it wallop the tongue with tannin - needs at LEAST a decade to round out. A 1998 was drinking well and had a great bouquet about it - though was still packing some punch on the backend.

I have a few bottles of the 2001 Courcel in the cellar, might have to open one soon “in the name of science” to see where it is … last bottle I tasted (about a year or so ago) seemed to show it entering an early window.