TN's: 01 Lazzeretti Brunello, 02 Lewis Reserve Cabernet, 06 Trapiche Vina Adriana Malbec

I don’t know what’s going on with the 01 Lazaretti and the 01 Costanti, they are not tasting well right now.NR

The 02 Lewis Reserve was very good with a bit too much oak throughout, from attack to finish, it is there. But otherwise a correct Cabernet. 93 points, paid $100 or so, would not buy again.

The 06 Malbec is one heck of a big wine similar flavor porfile to the Don Melchor Cabs only more floral and less black currant. Also a touch more acidic. 94 points.

SDWC has 1 case of this for $39.95 per, minus the 4 bottles that I took. neener

Hrm, When I last had both Lazzeretti and Costanti (about a year ago for each) they were both very good - the Lazzeretti not completely in my style, and the Costanti right in my wheelhouse. Not happy to hear about it showing poorly. I have had the 98 and 99 more recently, both were also excellent…

Josh, both of them have similar off putting profiles. I adored both of them upon release, when I was impressed with the purity of fruit. I’ll hold for a few more years before opening any others.

Sad to hear about the Lazzeretti, I had thought that it might last, could it be shut down??

Mike, I certainly hope that the wine is going through a strange stage. And that may very well be the case as the Costanti has the same flavor profile.

I bought about 1.5 cases of the Lazzeretti as the wine impressed me just as much as the Costanti (my 2 large purchases of 01 Brunelli) and for Lazzeretti was the innaugural vintage.

About 4 months ago I opened a L and it needed serious swirling to blow off the strange smell/taste and it was fabulous, but required lots of work. Left half bottle for the next day figuring that the air will only help. Instead the bad stuff was irreversible, no matter how much swirlling. The recent bottle was similar to the old one on day 2.

I’m certainly not giving up on the rest of my bottles.