TNR: Scarpa Barolo

I did a search here for Scarpa that did not provide much feedback. Any opinions about Scarpa Barolo? Thanks.

Michael, I had the 2001 Scarpa a couple months ago at a restaurant and it was tight as a drum. Seemed like a very traditional producer from that one data point. Not at all lean as there was plenty of weight, but it just wasn’t a very generous wine at that moment.

My guess is that these are a very long-lived wines with the elements that traditionalists would appreciate in time.

Thank you very much, Taylor. I’ve often wondered, are you from Louisiana?

Born and raised in California but like most Broussards in the US our family likely made their way from France through Acadia and later Louisiana. Definitely a common name in Louisiana!

I have had a lot of experience with Scarpa, but mainly with their non-Nebbiolo based wines because of the age they require to be really enjoyable. Overall, they are an incredibly traditional producer whose wines are definitely meant to age versus immediate, near, or even intermediate term consumption.

The current Barolo vintage here, the 1999, is still also very, very tight and seems to be one of those wines that will be better in 2025-2030 rather than today. The non-Nebbiolo based wines are a bit more drinkable, but still can age; I have a bunch of the 2010 RossoScarpa (a Dolcetto and Ruche based blend) that is just becoming drinkable. Also, I had a 1996 Barbera that was in the tail edge of its prime, but very very enjoyable and Nebbiolo like.

Well - I do have interest in this winery (I wonder why ha ha ) .

I’ve had their Rosso Scarpa as well as their other Barbera D’Alba.

I’ve tried to inquire about the Barolo but no luck as of yet.

It seems the winery keeps a lot of old stock and releases later on.

It also seems they don’t grow their own fruit.

That makes sense because the cantina is in Nizza Monferrato in Asti province, about 50km/30 miles away from Barolo.