TNR Keller Estate La Cruz PN Sonoma Coast

On WTSO for a good price, any notes, thoughts? Producer in general?

I bought it SEVERAL offers ago hoping it would in some way be similar to Zepaltas La Cruz PN. It wasn’t. It was very thin and boring. However, I thought it might need a little more time in the bottle, and some celartracker reviews echo that sentiment, in addition to being generally positive. I may have been expecting too much from a $20 pinot.

I know it’s a bit late and likely not available, but this is a really nice pinot under $20. I’ve had 2 of them from an earlier offering, and it makes for a great daily drinker. If it comes up again…worth the tarrif for sure! Not profound, but you can’t find that at this price point!

Definitely worth a try - you can pick them up at Costcos around Northern California for ~$18/bottle and they are great everyday drinkers at that price point. I’ve gone through a case+ of them in the last 12 months. Might even go pick up a few more in fact.

2005 vintage if your curious. Thats the only one I’ve had.