TNR: J P Fichet Meursaults

Are Gruyaches, Tession, and Chevalieres Village classified wines? Do these wines from Fichet justify $80-$90 price? Thanks.

What do you mean by “classified”? They are Village wines that come from lieu-dit Village parcels. Like single vineyard Meursaults from other producers (Coche-Dury Chevalières, PYCM Narvaux, Roulot Luchets, etc.). Whether they justify the price for you, depends on whether you like the style. Fichet’s style is noticably oaky in my experience, but the wines have good tension. More flashy than subtle. I like the wines a lot, but I think they’re a tiny bit too expensive.

Not “worth” it to me vs the basic village Meursault which I think is excellent.

I have soft spot for these, as they were the first wines to open my eyes to white burgundy. I think his Le Miex sous le Chateau is better than his other single vineyard wines, but you rarely see them. For me the right retail price is around $60-65, beyond that I feel like I have domestic options I prefer that scratch the same itch (Mount Eden Reserve, as one example).

I was given a case of 07 Le Tesson from a friend as a housewarming present, and I’ve opened 10 with 1 being premoxed.