TNR: California Syrah. TN added: 2001 Seymour's

I need to pick a wine for tomorrow’s dinner. I have the following available. Which of these do you think would show well now? I can decant in the afternoon if needed.

Alban Lorraine: 1998, 2000-2005.
Alban Reva: 2000-2003, 2005.
Alban Seymour: 2000, 2001, 2004.

1997 Ojai Syrah Cuvée Henry Daniel
2004 Ojai Syrah Melville Vineyard
2004 Ojai Syrah Thompson Vineyard
1999 Ojai Syrah Thompson Vineyard

2005 Pax Syrah Alder Springs Vineyard
2003 Pax Syrah Cuvée Keltie
2005 Pax Syrah Obsidian Vineyard
2005 Pax Syrah Walker Vine Hill

2004 Pride Mountain Vineyards Syrah
2003 Pride Mountain Vineyards Syrah
2002 Pride Mountain Vineyards Syrah

2005 Saxum Syrah Booker Vineyard

2008 Sine Qua Non Syrah B 20
2000 Sine Qua Non Syrah In Flagrante
2009 Sine Qua Non Syrah The Thrill of…

I had the 05 Alban Reva two months ago and it was off the charts fantastic. You’ve got plenty of others that I like, but the Reva was great. I also had the 05 Pax Walker recently and I liked it, but it was not up to the Alban. I popped the Alban with no decant. Maybe waiting 30-45 minutes of slow ox at most

I stand with Jay, pick one of those old Reva bottles.

Had '05 Reva on NYE. Outstanding with a couple hours of air.

The Reva is a stellar choice. Just had a 2004 Pride not too long ago that was very impressive, too! Reva is more refined, Pride is a bit more masculine.

I like the lorraines even better ken
05 lorraine might be my favorite alban ever

I had the 2005 Lorraine this week, and it was excellent. My tasting note is on CT.

The '97 Ojai Henry Daniel has been stellar the last two times I’ve had it. A well stored bottle can easily hold its own with the big boys. At a tasting two years ago had several WOTN votes in the company of 03 SQN Papa, 01 Thackrey Orion, 03 Reva, 04 Run Rig and 04 Agharta. It was still going strong, but not sure how much longer it will go at that level.

Whatever you choose, enjoy!



My pick would be the '05 Reva.

I see I’m not alone with that opinion.

2003 and 2005 Pax wines are showing very nicely right now as is the 2003 Pride.
Bottle for bottle I have had better success with Pax over Reva.
Pop and pour all the way; any major change will happen in the first 10 minutes.
Have fun!

Thanks, I have one sleeping.

This would be my choice as well. Besides, you can tell everyone that it’s a RMP 100 [wink.gif]
Of course, isn’t nearly everything these days

Thanks everyone for your thoughts.

The guest of honor would like take an instant dislike to the wine if I told him that.

Maybe I’ll go with the 2nd-rate Reva. :wink:

For my 2cts, if your friend doesn’t like RMP 100 wines, I’d go with one of the Ojai bottles. Depends on the size of wine your friend likes. Pride and SQN are thick and jammy, those editions of Pax close behind. If your friend doesn’t like those big wines, I’d go with one of the Ojai wines.

Personally I like them all, they’re just a bit different in style.

Thanks to everyone for your input. I made my choice based in part on your comments and what I had more of and what was easily accessible in my cellar. All in all, I was quite happy and so were my guests.

2001 Alban Vineyards Syrah Seymour’s Vineyard, Edna Valley 8/12/2013
[Decanted for 4 hours before bringing to the restaurant.] Still huge after 12 years and 4 hours in an open container. This will never be subtle. Goes quite well with rich flavorful food. Gobs of ripe fruit, big and rich, but not heavy. Only the slightly noticeable alcohol level keeps it from being great. In no danger of fading. 93 points