TNR: 2010 Manzone Barolo Gramolere

Not familiar with the wine or the producer. Thanks

Pretty sure it is from Italy and made from Nebbiolo.

Have had a few manzones 06/07 gramolere and bricat - enjoyed them and certainly felt good vfm. Have a few cases at home which I’m looking forward to digging out in a few years.

I have liked the wine in the past. The Gramolere is probably their best bottling. It leans modern. Probably not ready to drink. I have not had the 2010 as they have been out of my market for several years.

Thanks. Rare Wine has them for $45/btl, which seemed a reasonable price for a 2010

Not sure if the style has changed or not. I’ve had Manzone twice: a 1990 and a later year (1996 r 1998). It was serviceable, but don’t remember too much else about it.

The 2004 version was well made, mildly interesting and decent value but far from first or second tier Barolo. The leans slightly modern label fits for me based on those bottles.