TNR 2007 Paul Autard Cuvee Juline?

Anyone had it? I just bought some and am interested to hear any thoughts…

I just had a small taste of it on Saturday, so take this for what it is worth. Extremely youthful, ripe fruits, very smooth and balanced. I feel like it’s missing the terroir that you find in a lot of other top flight CdP. It may be better balanced than the other 07 Autard CdP’s (i.e., the “base” model, and the Cote Ronde) mainly because I felt that both of those struggled a bit to balance their alcohol content without significant air time, and this was ready to go right at the pop and pour.

I have had the 07 Cote Ronde as well and, to be honest, I didn’t find there to be a huge difference. It’s a nice wine if you like new world styled CdP, but considering the Cote Ronde is $30 cheaper, I have trouble taking the leap to the Juline.

Thanks Jeremy

ditto – although I hesitate to call it “smooth” right now, it certainly is well-balanced. also a little concerned about whether it has the backbone to be a better wine 15-20 years from now.

A fair point. I think I was shocked at the relative lack of tannin considering its youth, which is where I was coming from when I said smooth.

I also agree about the aging potential. Tough to call.