tnr: 2007 outpost

…just got the mailer for 07 grenache and zin. anyone had an experience with these wines? thanks in advance for your thoughts.

I would expect the Zin to be great! Although, to be honest, there is not much incentive to purchase these wines from the winery as they are probably cheaper via retail.

What he said.

They are usually quite a bit cheaper via retail if you factor in shipping. It’s the main reason I don’t buy direct from them anymore.

Tasted both a month or so ago. Zin is terrific, very deep and lush, but excellent balance. With the caveat that I’m not as much a Grenache fan, it was also excellent, less ripe and much more structured than in previous years.

I didn’t realize these were hitting the retail market – thanks for the info. I am happy to order direct but not if it ends up being more expensive. They are making 1/3 more profit by cutting out the middleman, so offering free or subsidized shipping would be a nice incentive, but I guess the bulk of their mail order customers just go with the flow.

It was the Outpost Grenache that taught me that Parker board hype is fallible. A hot mess. But I have really liked the Zins 04-06 as they have a gingerbread & blackberry cream character I don’t find elsewhere.

I’ve seen these at Wine Library two years in a row - and yes, below retail.

I am curious which vintage this was. I have tasted at the winery a few years ago and been drinking my '04s but have not opened any '05s or '06s yet. I have not found any of those that I’ve tried “hot”. I have found them a bit thin or lacking in the mid-palate early in their lives, but they have come around. Just curious. [shrug.gif]

I was going to bite on a couple of zins and a grenache until I got to the shipping rates. Over $10 a bottle? Thanks anyway.

Wine Library is retail. How can they be below retail? [scratch.gif]

The Grenache is not a very good wine, IMO.

We have been selling Outpost wines since the 2003 vintage. And we are retail too.

But you’re not below retail, are you? [wink.gif]

thanks guys, for the feedback. this seems like one of thse wineries for which there was once a lot of buzz- the buzz has been replaced with the sound of crickets.