TNR: 2005 Château La Fleur Morange


Dang! I thought this was a TASTING note!*&#@#!

I had their “mathilde” 2005 orange bottling, which was very nice for <$18 or so from Costco. I don’t think that’s the one you’re asking about though…

I’ve had both 2005 bottlings, and quite frankly I enjoyed them both the same. I had a hard time justifying double the price on the grand vin vs. the Mathilde. Alas, I only have one bottle left of the 2005 La Fleur Morange Mathilde, and none of the La Fleur Morange. If you want my last of the ’05 Mathilde, PM me.

LFM has a very small vineyard full of old vines, and usually provides a great QPR for old vine St. Emilion. For less than half the price of the big boy, I’d go with the Mathilde. The 2010 Mathilde which was very easily found at $20 or so on release is a great QPR IMO.

Thanks all. Got a deal on a 3L but it’s hard finding an occasion to pop a bottle this size so will probably pass. PM me if you want info on this.