TNR: 1990 Ampeau Meursault Perrieres

I just got a case of this from a very good source.
I would love to hear about some experiences.


I imagine that you would have already checked CT, but in case you haven’t, it might be helpful.

You probably are looking for opinions and experiences here from people you know, but thought I would throw that out there, just in case.

Thanks Steve.
I am looking for a few different opinions other than those in Cellartracker.

I’ve tried the 79, 85, 88 & 90 Perrieres (as well as the 82 & 83 Combettes) in 03 and 04. I recall really liking the 79 (of which I had a case). I thought the 79 was drinking great in 03, 04, 05 and the last bottle I had in 08 was not as good. Can’t remember much of the 90 though.