TNR: 1979 Quilceda Creek Cab????

Born in 79, so I have to ask.
If not, what’s the oldest you have had and the experience. Thanks.

The 1979 is supposed to be fantastic, their first commercial vintage. I have had the 82 a few times, a little tired but still compelling wine. The 1983 is a beast and is wonderful. If you can get a good 1979 QC I bet it is worth it. Chuck Miller who posts occasionally has probably had it a few times.

It’s not cheap." onclick=";return false;

We’re talkin’ wine here, right?

I had to re-read my own post. Touche.

I had to check in to see if it’s that good before forking out that kind of cash. It’s rare to find good 79s from pretty much anywhere, so I buy when I can.