TNR: 1964 Haut Brion

Has anyone tasted this one recently? Any thoughts - not a great year but hopefully holding up and providing some of the complexity that I so often love in older HB.

Had it about five years ago, it was definitely on the downhill but still rockin’. Did not know the provenance but from the looks of the label, it received some rough treatment at some point in its life. There was also some dried seepage but the fill was VTS. I would bet that a bottle with good provenance would show really well.

Here’s a note from 5+ years ago. I recall it being more good than great, but still an excellent experience.

  • 1964 Château Haut-Brion - France, Bordeaux, Graves, Pessac-Léognan (10/13/2006)
    Pre-Harlan Warm-up at Brad England’s House: I found this to be much better than the 1961 served before it. Complex bouquet of dark fruit, tobacco, and earth. This wine tasted much more structured than the 1961 and had more concentrated and darker fruit. It was a real treat to taste these side-by-side.

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I had this wine about 3 years ago (i Hope the is resent enough) I would have to say My thoughts are almost the same as Dave’s this was the best of the 64’ (birth year) we had Great structure and fruit. Can not see it losing much from then till now.

It´s already some 3-4 years, but very impressive: fully mature, but with good fill not “downhill” - very seductive, very complex, feminine, fragrant and sweet, great balance, even velvet texture, the opposite of a blockbuster (which BTW Latour can be) … simply beautiful.
With Latour the best of left bank Bx in this year - La Mission ist also outstaqnding, but less fine.


Haven’t had one for years, but had, & tasted a 1/2 dozen half-bottles between early 80’s & 2000.

No better left Bank Red in '64.

The equal of Latour. More complex; not quite as intense/concentrated.

Very, very rich, ripe, lush, roasted Haut Brion nose. Big, aromatic, fruity, oaky. Definite hot-year character. Palate rich, but showing some acidity.

Didn’t seem destined for an extended window of drinkability in the late 90’s, but I was tasting splits, & tend to like most Bordeaux before it’s cough “British” decrepitude, anyway.

For me kinda seemed like the end of a great run of my favorite left-banker til the great '88, '89, '90 . . . although many liked the '82 quite a bit too. neener

The ‘62 HB may have been the best of both banks . . . just sayin’.

Your mileage may differ, but please let us know . . . ? [basic-smile.gif]


Thanks to all for the comments. I am looking forward to giving it a try. Obviously there can be mixed results with bottles like this, but as it has a good fill, it sounds like there is a good chance of a solid performance. Both a 1966 and 1970 HB in the last 18 months were solid to excellent performers with great HB character and I will be very pleased if the 1964 shows similarly.