TN: Wines and Wine Shops in Paris/Lyon

Le Derniete Goutte: superb shop in the 6th with a laundry list of great producers and very good pricing. Super helpful and English speaking. A really nice collection of magnums too.

Les Vins Sapiens: lots of good producers for a small shop, very helpful staff, good pricing around that of LDB.

Dumangin Blanc de Blancs 1er single vineyard 2009: bit of funk, earth, nut on nose. Ripe yellow apple and touch of a tropical note, grit and chalk and a good long finish, quite persistent and really wonderful. 93, 35€ from Dumangin

Gevrey 2012 VV. Lots of sous bois and a bit of sauvage, a later floral note. Raspberry and red currant, pretty full and wide open. A little grip but mostly resolved tannin. 93, 46€ at Vins Sapiens

Pepiere Clisse 2019 Really solid good sap, high acid, some Smokey nutty salinity. 91, 22€ at LDB

Des Croix Beaune 2015: thrilling lots of Pinot funk and earth and sauvage nose. Approachable loads of dark red and black fruit and earth, lots of things to like. 94, 38€ from Antic Wine

Dauvissat Chablis 2018: superb dry extract and length. Almost tropical but not quite golden apple and white stone fruit-citrus, not creamy but very rich and concentrated with screaming acid. 94, 38€ from LDB

Du Cour Fleurie VV 2018: bright raspberry and strawberry on nose and palate, lots of floral notes throughout. Very enjoyable now with plenty of time to go. 92, 25€ from Antic Wine

Gustav Lorentz Altenberg VV 2013: wonderfully concentrated, petrol and wet stone nose, tons of perfectly ripe lime and orange on the sappy palate. Great acid to balance the power and a long finish. 93, €48 on list at Brasserie Flo

Arnoux fils SLB 2017: very nice and true to form, lots of earth and red fruits, relatively bright on the palate and a perfect lunch partner! 45€ at Stephane Martin

Pierre Naigeon GC VV Creux Brouillard 2012***

Weirdly enough, a friend suggested Le Dernier Goutte to me too and I popped in some years ago. Great stuff, and very friendly / easy to deal with. I saved their awesome paper bag for all these years and use it for carrying bottles around still !

It’s like an outpost of Chambers Street Wine!

Great place

We loved this place too. I feel the list is somewhat limited, but you can always find good stuff there. I LOVE they even refund VAT for you if you show your passport.

I’ve liked Philovino. The owner, Bruno Quenioux, is very passionate and will pull corks on occasion. He moved from his place in the 13th, though, so I’m not sure if the current locale is as welcoming.

+1 for Le Dernier Goutte. Agree with all the comments.

Have also enjoyed Ambassade de Bourgogne which is only a few minute walk from Le Dernier Goutte. The few times I’ve been there, they always have some interesting glass pours available in addition to a nice selection.

Wow. Is that a normal practice in French wineshops?

Not a norm at all, which makes me appreciate it even more. I think this is the only one we found doing this. [cheers.gif]

Certainly no one else brings it up proactively in my experience. Was a welcome little bonus to get about 30€ off my purchase in the end!

If you’ve got a chance to check out Lyon’s Antic Wine, in the old part of town, I’ve found their selection unique and the guys up front are super knowledgeable. There’s also a great cellar in the basement for the high rollers.

As in a cash refund at the point of purchase? I didn’t know that was possible.

If you’re in Lyon, check out Récoltant Manipulant in the 1er Arrondissment. You can guess what the shop specializes in. The owner is very knowledgeable and personable, and she has a nice selection of Cru Beaujolais, Chablis, amongst other things in addition to grower Champagnes. It’s about a 10 minute walk from Antic, and in non-Covid times has a small terrasse in the square during the summer months (no terrasse this year).

Oops, left out the part about Antic in my original post! I got two lovely wines from there and had a great time checking out the inventory. Great visit to a great shop

It didn’t work for me dropping the paperwork in the airport mailbox. The VAT refund line was so long I would’ve missed my flight.

I doubt that, certainly wasn’t that way two years ago. You need to have them package your wine.

Yes, we bought a couple of cases there on two separate trips to France and brought them back to the US. Each time they gave us the price sans VAT. There was some paperwork involved - forms and passport info. etc. We bought all burgs, so it saved us a few hundreds of euro. But this was a few years ago, 2016 or 17. Maybe things have changed recently?