TN: WindGap Nebbiolo LunaMattaVnyd '10...(short/boring)

We tried this last night w/ our stuffed peppers:

  1. WindGap Nebbiolo LunaMattaVnyd/PasoRobles (13.9%; 5 brls/125 cs) Sebastapol 2010: Med.garnet slight orangey color; beautiful very floral/lilacs/violets/rose petal very slight pencilly/oak bit earthy/pungent slight tobaccoy quite complex nose; very tart/acid some floral/violets/lilacs/rose petal bit earthy/dusty/pungent light bodied/lithe light pencilly/oak complex flavor w/ light bit bitey tannins; very long/lingering fairly floral/Nebb/lilacs/violets/rose petal light pencilly/oak slight dusty/earthy/pungent/bit tar light pencilly/oak complex finish w/ light bit raspy tannins; a terrific Italianate expression of Nebb much like a mature Boca or Gehmme.

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. This is a wine we had at NEB#1, which was hosted by Pax at his wnry in Forestville. Also in attendance was AdamLee/EmilioCastelli/KenMusso/Pax’s asst winemaker, and myself. Susan chose to not hang w/ the wine geeks and hiked the trail along the nearby creek. Afterwards, we adjourned to Emilio’s for more Nebbs and a great Porcini Risotto. Little did we know this was the start of something big (?).