TN: WindGap Blaufrankisch RitchieCreekVnyd '10...(short/boring)

Had this BF from magnum this weekend w/ friends over apps out on the portal at Susan’s:

  1. WindGap Blaufrankisch RitchieCreekVnyd/SpringMtn (1 brl/24 cs; 13.4%) PaxMahle/Forestville 2010: Dark color; strong earthy/loamy/classic BF some blackberry/pomengranate/plummy light toasty/oak dead ringer for Burgenland BF nose; lightly tart rather pungent/earthy/dusty/fairly loamy strong plummy/pomengranate/blackberry/boysenberry light toasty/oak some complex flavor w/ light smooth/ripe tannins; very long/lingering rather earthy/loamy/dusty bit pungent/tarry/licorice strong pomengranate/plummy/boysenberry finish w/ light smooth tannins; probably pretty much at its peak; a dead ringer for a Burgenland for a Burgenland BF but w/ a bit more oak; best US BF/Lemberger I’ve ever had; beautiful/classic BF.

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. This was a one-off (I believe) by Pax and only put up in mags. I took it to Pig+Fig to share in a special dinner I was hosting of “A Wine Tour of the Hapsburg Empire” that included an Austrian BF; back in March. When I tried to open it w/ my corkscrew, the center of the cork started to rip out. Since I didn’t have my Ah-So, I abandoned the effort to open the mag and just pushed the cork back into the neck. The wine seemed to withstand this brutal treatment and showed no signs of oxidation or ingress of air.
    Don’t know where those BF grapes have been going since this '10.


Never had the 2010, but I have 2 750ml bottles of the 2012 in the cellar.