TN: Weingut Eder Reisling Smaragd '13....(short/boring)

Cracked this last night:

  1. Weingut Eder Wachau Riesling Smaragd Trocken (13.0%; Handlese: 27 Oct und 2 Nov; BalancedWineSlctns/Sonoma; http://www.Beim-Eder.At) Mautern/Wachau 2013: Very loud pop on opening the screwtop; med.dark gold/burnished bronze color; beautiful ripe/R/floral/mango strong petrol/Mosel valve oil very fragrant complex nose; lightly tart quite rich/lush very strong floral/R/mango/pineapple/very spicy very strong gout de petrol/Mosel valve oil very complex beautiful flavor; very long/lingering fairly tart quite rich/lush but dry strong petrol/Mosel valve oil very spicy/floral/R/mango very stron g petrol very complex finish that goes on & on; a spectacular example of a Smaragd R that should go out another 10 yrs; a steal at $22.50 (BWS)

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. The Balanced Wine Slctns importing firm of Michael Weiss had a stunning portfolio of wines they imported. As best I can tell, they are no longer in business. Whatta pity.