TN: Underwood Rose Oregon NV...(short/boring)

Tried this this afternoon:

  1. Underwood Rose Wine Oregon (12%; C&C by UnionWineCompany/Modesto NV (Canned in 2016): Pale pink/cranberry/copper color; light cranberry/watermelon lightly spicy/strawberry pleasant enough nose; rather tart/lean/tangy light watermelon/cranberry/juicy/spicy pleasant flavor w/ little tannins; med.long tart/tangy/lean bit juicy/strawberry/cranberry flavor w/ no tannins; seems to be a PinotNoir saignee; a pleasant enough rose on the simple/light side; pretty overpriced at $7.00/375 ml can

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. This is called “taking one for the team”. Last week, I tried the ZipZ Chard, “bttld” in a Reidel plexiglass stem. It was duller than even 2$Chuck.
    When I saw these cans of rose sitting on the shelf at CasaSena, I knew I had to take one for the team, so I bought one. I scolded the guy at the checkout register that they should be storing these can in the wine rack lying on their sides to keep the pull-tab moist and if it was bad from the poor storage, I was bringing it back. He assured me that would be OK; that he was confident that upright storage was OK.
    I ripped open the pull-tab & poured it into my now-clean Reidel plexiglass wine glass…all with (very) low expectations. I was pleasantly suprised…the wine, though nothing to write home about, was pleasantly decent. But I won’t be buying anymore until they start to store these cans correctly.
    Underwood also makes wine under the KingsRidge and Alchemist label. Not tried any of these yet.

A friend who lives in Newberg OR sent me a 2011 Underwood pinot a couple years ago and we had it last fall. It was surprisingly good for a $12 pinot. It’s all over the place up there. They made 25,00 cases of the 2011 and 80,000 cases of the 2013 (still $12).

[No, I’m not related to the Underwood Cellars folks. or the Underwood Bar folks in Graton, CA. I believe the Underwood in the latter case was named that since it is located just south of and across the street from the Willow Wood cafe in Graton.]

New Seasons Market has a special @$9.99/750ml and I picked up a few for the wife, she picked up a few for herself. Yet to drink any, but usually their whites are serviceable. Oregon grown, they purchase fruit, maybe juice.