TN: Two Whites/Two Reds This Weekend....(hort/boring)

Shared these w/ Susan & Grayson this weekend:

  1. Ettore Germano Riesling Herzu DOC: Langhe (12.5%; www.EttoreGermano; 100% Riesling Renano; RibeviWinesIntl/LaMesa/CA) Ettore Germano/Serralunga d’Alba 2019: Deep golden color w/ lots of tiny bubbles; strong R/floral/mango/pineapple rather mineral/chalky/flinty some Mosel/Wachau-like somewhat rich fairly complex beautiful Germanic R nose; fairly tart/tangy slight pungent/skin-contact/VM very strong floral/R/pineapple quite flinty/mineral/chalky fairly rich totally dry bit metallicrather Wachau/Austrian complex lovely flavor; no signs of dissolved CO2; very long/lingering complex finish that mimics flavor; quite a lovely R that speaks more of Wachau or Mosel than Piemonte; one of the best Piemonte Rieslings I can recall. $43.00 (SFW&S)

  1. Cadette “La Chatelaine” AC: Vezelay (13.5%; 100% Chard; KermitLynch/Berkeley) St.Pere Sous Vezelay/Yonne 2019: color; strong melony/Chard/bit pineapple quite mineraql/flinty/steely/rathe chalky quite Chablis-like fairly copex nose; very tart/tangy quite mineral/chalky/flinty/steely some melony/Chard/pineapple very terroir-driven somewhat complex flavor; very long/lingering strong flinty/chalky/steely/mineral some Chard/pineapple/ripe very terroir-driven Chard finish; reminds a lot of a PremierCru-level Chablis; quite a lovely Chard @ a very attractive price.
    $32.00 (KK)

  1. Stefano Antonucci SantaBarbara Dd’OC: Rosso Piceno (13.5%; Montepulciano + Sangiovese; IndingenousSlctns/FtLauderdale) Stefano Antonucci/SantaBarbara/Barbara 2021: Very dark color; strong grapey/plummy/boysenberry/cherry/bit jammy some earthy/dusty somewhat interesting if rustic nose; rather soft/soupy bit metallic/tangy rather ough/rustic strong grapey/plummy/jammy/ripe bit alcoholic flavor w/ modest tangy/bitey tannins; long finish mimics the flavor; a rather rough/coarse/rustic/grapey red that’s not very interesting. $20.00

  1. Ermitage du Pic Saint Loup Tour de Pierres AC: Pic Saint Loup (13.5%; MeBalP; 50% Syrah/40% Grenache/10% mourvedre; KermitLynch/Berkeley) Ravaille Freres Vignerons/St.Mathieu de Treviers/Languedoc 2020: Very dark color; strong very dusty/OV strong Syrah/blackberry/boysenberry/licorice rather earthy/dusty bit smokey/roasted light toasty/oak somewhat rustic classic ripe/Languedoc Syrha nose; bit soft very rich Syrah/blackberry/boysenberry some Rhonish/roasted/smokey fairly earthy/dusty/OV rather rough/rustic intense flavor w/ ample chewey tannins; very long/lingering intense Syrah finisg that mimics the flavor; a bit on the rustic/Languedoc side but loads of Syrah fruit; should age well for 3-6 yrs; very good price at $20.50 (KK)

More vricklegorp from TheBloodyPulpit:

  1. Vezelay is a village in te Yonne not far from Chablis in Northern Burgundy. Not a well-known region & only a few producers. I was rather impressed by this relatively unknown/obscure white.

  1. Antonucci: I saw this (new) btl on the shelf and the “Santa Barbara” displayed in large letters. So jumped to the conclusion that someone in Santa Barbara CA was making wines in Italy. Wrongo/dongo.
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My friend imported Germano wines for about 5-6 years until he got out of the business last year. Really good wines top to bottom!

Vezelay has a sensational cathedral which is worth visiting whether you drink wine there or not!