TN: Two Whites O'er The Weekend...(short/boring)

Had these w/ Susan over the weekend:

  1. Carlisle The Derivative f’(x) SonomaCnty WW (13.8%; 40% Muscadelle/38% Colombard/21% Semillon/1% Palomino; 150 cs) 2016: Med.yellow color; very fragrant floral/pineapple/spicy bit Semillon/figgy slight graham cracker lovely perfumed nose; lightly tart/tangy fairly strong floral/pineapple/figgy/spicy slight stony/chalky/bit mineral bright/zippy flavor; very long/lingering strong floral/pineapple/figgy/spicy some tart fairly rich/lush balanced slight stony/mineral bit complex beautiful finish; an absolutely lovely zippy/bright/vibrant/electric white that belies the pedigree of the grapes.

  1. HermanMoser Riesling Gebling DAC: Kremstal (EA; 12%; www.Moser-Herman.At; BotiqueWineCollection) Rohrendorf 2013: Screwtop opens w/ a loud pop; color w/ lots of tiny bubbles that persist; very attractive floral/R/mango/pineapple light Mosel valve oil/petrol some complex lovely nose; slight spritz bit off-dry (0.7%?) fairly rich/lush strong R/mango/pineapple very light Mosel valve oil bit soft/cloying flavor; very long soft/rich/lush strong mango/R/floral/pineapple off-dry finish;the dissolved CO2 & r.s. makes it a bit simple & cloying on the palate; lacks verve & zip; a bit tiring on the palate after the first glass or two but a lovely nose; a rather nice R for $16.00 (AV)

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. Carlisle: This is a wine that has put on weight since its release. A beautiful white. It reminds a lot of a very good Friuli Friulano.
    There was long planted in Calif a variety known as Sauvignon Vert. DNA has indicated that it is the Muscadelle variety of Sauternes/Barsac. In Friuli, there is also a grape known as SauvignonVert, also termed Sauvignasse or Tokaj Friulano. I think that much of the Friulano made in Calif is probably, in fact, Muscadelle, and the names seem to be used interchangeably.

**Thanks for the tasting notes, Tom!!!**This is from the Carlisle website:

"2016 Sonoma County ‘The Derivative’ White Wine

“60% Russian River Valley Muscadelle, Colombard, and Palomino, Mancini Ranch
21% Sonoma Valley Semillon, Rossi Ranch
19% Sonoma Valley Muscadelle, Pagani Ranch”

Thanks, Drew. Didn’t do my homework. Forgot they had all that white stuff at Mancini.