TN: Two Value Whites...(short/boring)

Tasted w/ Susan this weekend two good-value whites:

  1. Ch.Saint Roch OldVines White Ad’OP: Cotes du Roussillon (13%; 60% GrenacheGris/40% Roussanne; Grenache: 5 mo. in concrete vats, Rouss: 5 mo. in French oak barrels; Eric Solomon Slctn; Carolina Wine Brands/Wethersfield/CT) Mas Miraflors/Perpignan 2021: Light yellow color; fairly fragrant honeysuckle/GrenacheGris/floral/Rouss/bit carnations/gardenias light earthy/mineral quite attractive nose; fairly tart/tangy quite floral/honeyed/honeysuckle/Rouss bit tangy/earthy/steely slight pineapple/R-like flavor w/ slight RS (0.1%-0.2%); very long/lingeringfloral/honeysuckle finish that tracks flavor; a really lovely expression of Southern Rhone at a great price. $18.00 (KK)

  1. Dom.Maurice Schoech PinotBlanc Cotes d’Ammerschwihr (12.5%; Neal Rosenthal) Sebastian et Jean-Leon Schoech/Ammerschwihr 2021: Light gold color; lovely very fragrant floral/R-like some PB/mineral/steely light stony/earthy slight pineapple rather perfumed nose; fairly tart/tangy bit metallic rather stony/chalky fairly floral/R-like/pineapplr very perfumed flavor; very long/lingering floral/R-like finish that mimics flavor; has a lot of PB/chalky/minerality but much more perfumed/aromatic than most Alsatian PB; quite a lovely Alsatian PB at a great price. $22.00 (SFW&S)

More grisslefrack from TheBloodyPulpit:

  1. Schoech is an Alsatian producer that I was unfamiliar with. It was a Neal Rosenthal wine so not surprised it was so good. It had an aromaticity almost R-like perfume that you don’t often find in Alsatian PB.
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