TN: Two Terrific Wieningers '18....(short/boring)

These two just showed up here in NM, so had to try them:

  1. Wieninger Wiener DAC: Gemischter Satz (12.5%; www.Wieninger.At; Trocken; WinebowImprts) Weingut Wieninger/Wien 2018: color; strong floral/some GV/gardenias/white pepper light petrol/valve oil some mineral/stony fairly complex bit spicy/cardamon/saffron beautiful nose; fairly tart/tangy quite floral/gardenias/white pepper very spicy/cardamon very perfumey light mineral/chalky/perfumed talc light petrol/valve oil big/rich/lush/mouthfilling quite complex beautiful flavor; very long/lingering light petrol/valve oil rather intense floral/white pepper/gardenias/some GV light chalky/mineral some petrol finish; speaks a bit of GV but a beautiful expression of Wien GS at a great price. $19.50 (KK)

  1. Wieninger Riesling ViennaHills Wiener Wein (12.5%; Trocken) 2018: Med.dark gold color; very strong pure/R/floral/mango/pineapple some flinty/mineral light Mosel valve oil/gout de petrol bit complex beautiful R nose; quite tart/tangy/bit steely strong flinty/mineral some R/floral/mango/pineapple totally dry light Mosel valve oil some rich bit complex flavor; very long/lingering some floral/R/mango fairly tart/tangy/mineral/steely/flinty light valve oil/petrol bit complex finish; a bright/brisk/laser-focused expression of R; should go out 10-15 yrs; this is what Alsatian R used to be…tart/acid & cheap; stupid/silly price for a very ageable R. $19.50 (KK)

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. Wieninger has become one of my favorite wineries in all Austria, not just Wien. These two just arrived in NM & I was blown away by them. The GS was one of the best GS that I can recall. It is more approachable and has more to offer at this point in time than the R. This is a deadly-serious R that will only get better. I’m going back for more.