TN: Two Pinots - 2005 Alesia Chileno and 2007 Evesham Wood Puits Sec

2005 Alesia Chileno Pinot Noir
Lots of reductive Pinot funk to start that fades to reveal a chewy, youngish fairly rich Cali Pinot. Dark briar berried with some spice, sassafras and whole cluster-like character. Controlled ripeness and decent acidity packaged in a somewhat rough and tumble structure. Noticeable tannins that became increasingly accessible over night along with a significant decrease in funk. I can see how Cali Pinot fans could eat this up (post-funk). Having recently tasted the 04, there’s a relative sluggishness to the style that’s helpful in confirming that I should gravitate towards the Rhys bottlings.

2007 Evesham Wood Le Puits Sec Pinot Noir
Herbs, earth, and sweet red fruit edged spice. An elegant cranberry infused sour cherry attack. There’s a slight candied quality that doesn’t detract. The light-midweight frame is highlighted by bright acidity that introduces the controlled but intense midpalate. Some rubbing tannins and a medium/long finish. Completely quaffable. Here is the feminine texture and acid I crave in US Pinot Noir. Detractors might call it thin, and at worst “weedy”. 30 minutes in to the bottle, my wife announced that “you better have more of this”. 3 additional 750’s purchased this AM.


Only 3 more bottles?!? Me thinks you could be in trouble before much time pases. [berserker.gif]

Glad I picked up several extra bottles a few weeks ago. This is a keeper, for sure.

agreed, this is a nice wine . . . . have a few of these to enjoy in the next 2-3 years . . .

Not done with 07 buying yet and the 08 hype is getting harder to resist.


Talked to Russ Raney not long ago (while buying a bunch of '07 LPS and Cuvee J) and he…he almost…beamed and talked up his '08s!

Strong stuff for Russ. Just sayin’.

I hear ya on the '07’s. I’ve got two more mixed cases to pull the trigger on early next week. And, ‘getting harder to resist’ doesn’t really apply to me on the '08’s. I’m already sucked under the bus. pileon Some stuff received and a bunch more on order.

Thanks for sharing. Gonna need more racks.