TN: Two Older Sauternes....(short/boring)

We had these two older Sauternes Wed at Pig+Fig to celebrate Susan’s BD:

  1. Rayne Vigneau AC: Sauternes (14%; MeBaC) Bommes 1988: Tons of tartrate crystals in the bottom of the btl; deep golden color; beautiful intense botrytis/apricotty/peachy some butterscotchy/caramel/oak very slight volatile/EA quite complex classic old Sauternes nose; somewhat soft bit tangy fairly sweet/lush intense botrytis/peachy/apricotty some caramel/butterscotchy/oak bit ripe/figgy/Semillon beautiful complex classic oldSauternes flavor; very long/lingering quite sweet/lush balanced bit soft intense botrytis finish that goes on&on; everything you’d want in a classic mature Sauternes; will easily go another 10-20 yrs; a beautiful Sauternes dominated by the botrytis.

  1. Ch.Lafaurie-Peraguey AC: Sauternes (13.5%; MeBaC) Bommes 2001: Deep golden/burnished bronze color; some light btrytis/peachy/apricotty very strong ripe/figgy/fig newtons/Semillon light caramel/oak fairly complex beautiful nose; fairly tart some botrytis/peachy/apricotty lightly sweet strog ripe/Semillon/figgy light caramel/oak slight earthy fairly complex flavor; very long ripe/Semillon/figgy/late hrvst some botrytis/peachy slight caramel/oak slight earthy fairly complex finish; not nearly the degree of botrytis of the '88 but a bit more interesting; speaks strongly of very ripe Semillon; can easily go another 10 yrs or longer. $50.00 (vLA)

More gufferstratt from TheBloodyPulpit:

  1. Two pretty outstanding Sauternes. I slightly preferred the '88 because of the intensity of the botrytis, but it was a bit simpler compared to the things going on in the '01. Both pretty terrific Sauternes that should go out a lot longer.

I didn’t buy this bottle of Rayne-Vigeau, but many others, and it cost $22 when it came out, in 1991 or so – a great buy from a great vintage. At the same price, Rabaud-Promis from that vintage was also a great buy.

The Lafaurie cost $50, and is still available at that price or a bit more, though on the west coast it seems to cost up to $90. At the purchase price a really good deal, I thought, along with so many other 2001s.