TN: Two New Matthiasson Wines....(short/boring)

Digging deeper into my recent Matthiasson shipment, I tried last week:

  1. Matthiasson RibollaGialla MatthiassonVnyd/NapaVlly (12.0%) 2018: Light gold/bronze color; some phenolic/ViniMacerati/resiny some white pepper/RG/spicy bit earthy/mineral bit complex nose; quite tart/tangy bit tannic/austere fairly phenolic/VM/resiny/slight graham cracker light RG/spicy/white pepper bit earthy/chalky bit lean/austere/metallic/severe some complex rather interesting flavor w/ light tannic bite; very long rather hard/austere/spikey some phenolic/VM light RG/spicy/peppery finish w/ light tannic bite; has a definite VM/phenolic character and a bit severe/hard/austere on the palate & not much fun to taste but should be very good/interesting in 4-6 yrs. $49.00

  1. Matthiasson G/S/M Helen’sGateVnyd/Rutherford/NapaVlly (26% Grenache/41% Syrah/33% Mourv; 13%) 2018: Dark color; strong Syrah/blackberry/some plummy/Mourv light strawberry/Grenache slight floral/lilacs light pencilly/oak slight dusty/loamy almost ContraCosta-like pleasant nose; quite tart/tangy bit earthy/dusty modest Syrah/blackberry/plummy/framboise light pencilly/oak rather lean/brittle flavor w/ modest lean/brisk tannins; long some blackberry/plummy/Syrah/strawberry finish w/ some tangy tannins; a somewhat brittle/sinewy/hard/tight GSM blend & don’t see it dramatically improving but I could be fooled; just not particularly attractive right now. $28.00

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. Like most VM, the RG was not a real pleasure to taste this young. But I’m confident it will age into something quite good. Reminds me some of the Kabaj or Simcic RG from Friuli.

Thanks for the note on the Ribolla Gialla, including drinking window. I recently had this and was not impressed, though I like Vini Macerati. I’ll let my other bottles sit.

Well, Kamaal… I think down the road the RG will turn out fine. Just needs the age to evolve…like most VM.
But don’t take my drinking window with any conviction… it’s just a WA (scientific term… wild a$$) guess.
And congratulations. You’re the first one on WB, besides myself, to use BobbyStuckey’s term. I think it’s the ideal way to describe these wines.

I prefer Vini Maserati

Truthfully, I usually call them skin-contact whites, but I was mirroring your usage, since it was your tasting note. I am fine with Vini Macerati as a description and if you can help Bobby get the term to stick. more power to you!