TN: Two Nathalie Falmet Champagnes - I just don't get it.

  • 2012 Nathalie Falmet Champagne “Cuvee ZH 302” Le Val Cornet - France, Champagne (9/4/2020)
    Served in a flight with the #303 Chardonnay Cuvee below, this reminded me of the almost dour seriousness of the #318 Pinot Noir cuvee. Creating a Pinot Meunier-based Champagne that doesn’t really show any fruit is no mean feat. This actually had a fantastic back end depth, but with no entry or mid-palate interest it fell flat except on an intellectual level. I guess these Falmet wines are just not my thing.
  • 2012 Nathalie Falmet Champagne “Cuvee ZH 303” Le Val Cornet - France, Champagne (9/4/2020)
    Second Champagne from this producer, and second of the Le Val Cornet “Parcelle” series. This one from Chardonnay was much more pleasurable than the Pinot Noir version I tried several months ago. It actually showed fruit, and had good brightness and length. It still did not capture my imagination - I kept searching for something to grab a hold of, and there was nothing there. a pleasant Champgane but not much else. Yet again, what’s the appeal?

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i bought a bunch of the basic brut nature cuvee from falmet for $29 and thought it was excellent for the price. never tried the high end cuvees. really don’t see this producer around very often…