TN: Two Falanghinas (SanGregorio/Ridge)...(short/boring)

At our Ridge tasting last week, we tried:

  1. Feudi di SanGregorio Dd’OC: Falanghina del Sannio (13%; TerlatoWineImports; www.Feudi.It) Feudi di SanGregorio/Sorbo Serpico 2017: Light gold color; quite fragrant floral/carnations bit grapefruit bit stony/chalky slight mineral almost R-like quite pretty nose; fairly tart/tangy quite floral/carnations light chalky/stony/mineral slight metallic quite aromatic flavor; very long perfumed/floral/carnations light chalky/stony lightly rich/lush finish; a lightweight very aromatic white w/ light minerality; a bit on the simple side but a quite pretty expression of Falanghina. $23.50 (KK)

  1. Ridge Falganhina AlderSpringsVnyd/MendoCnty (2% Picpoul; 13.2%; SS & clay amphora frmtd ; 9 brls; bttld Feb 2020; Drk: 12/19-12/21: JO) 2019: Med.light yellow color; quite stony/mineral/chalky light pencilly/oak slight herbal bit floral/haymow/dandelions slight spicy rather subtle/quiet more complex nose; quite tart/tangy/bit grapefruity light pencilly/oak bit lean/tight light floral/Falanghina/carnations flavor; very long/lingering lean/tart/tangy/grapefruity light floral/carnations; a rather tight/spare expression of Falanghina but more mineral/herbal like you’d expect from AlderSprings; very different/unusual style for a Ridge; the Ridge winemaking doesn’t dominate & a more pure expression of Falanghina & AlderSprings. $30.00 (ATP)

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. Wow…whatta surprise this Ridge was. When it’s release was anounced a month ago, it was a real puzzle to me. First Falanghina and first AlderSprings from Ridge. Most people preferred the SanGregorio for its stronger aromatics. I actually found the Ridge a far more interesting, if quieter, wine. It’s a huge departure from the usual style of Ridge whites. Mostly, they (Chard/Viog/GrenacheBlanc) are noticeably Ridge, rather rich/lush, noticeable oak, a bit on the soft side. Served blind, I’d have never guessed this to be a Ridge. Would have guessed an Arnot-Roberts most likely. It showed a herbal/mineral character that I’d not seen in a Ridge white since those early SCM Riesling/Sylvaner/Chards of DaveBennion in the late '60’s. Most Ridge fans will not appreciate this wine. I liked it quite a lot for its departure from the usual Ridge style. Much more interesting a white wine and one that will probably put on weight w/ age.
    But the wine left me scratching my head in puzzlement. The first Ridge wine from AlderSprings, a spectacular vnyd in the far reaches of MendoCnty, of StuBewley’s. And they now have clay amphorae it Ridge?? News to me. So what’s up at Ridge?? At any rate, JohnOlney did quite a fine job w/ this first Falanghina.

Great notes Tom. I usually like this Feudi bottling and I had no idea Ridge was making one. Thanks for the insights.