TN: Two CantinaTramin/Sudtirol GWTs...(short/boring)

Had these two last week from CantinaTramin:

  1. CantinaTramin GWT Dd’OC: Sudtirol-AltoAdige (14.5%; www.CantinaTramin.It; WinebowImprts) Termeno/Bolzano 2020: color; very strong GWT/lychee/very spicy/floral/bit hair-oil light Mosel valve oil/mineral beautiful perfumed classic GWT nose; bit soft very rich/lush strong GWT/spicy/floral/lychee/some hair oil slightly bitter slight Mosel valve oil some complex beautiful flavor; very long/lingering slightly bitter rich/lush intense GWT/lychee/spicy/hair oil bit valve oil very nearly dry beautiful finish; a beautiful GWT at a great price and reminds of old-timey Alsatian GWT like you used to get. $22.00 (KK)

  1. CantinaTramin GWT Nussbaumer Dd’OC: Sudtirol-AltoAdige (14.5%) 2019: color; very intense very perfumed/aromatic intense GWT/lychee/lemony/very spicy more hair oil/perfumed bit mineral much more complex beautiful nose; bit soft more rich/lush maybe a bit off-dry very intense GWT/very spicy/very floral/quite hair oil slight mineral somewhat complex flavor; very long/lingering quite rich/lush more intense GWT/hair oil/floral/very spicy some complex finish; a beautiful expression of GWT; much in the same style as the regular GWT but everything amped up by 25%; a bit pricey for Sudtirol GWT but not at all overpriced compared to Alsatian or Z-H GWT of a similar quality. $42.00 (KK)

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. Several weeks ago I tried the regular Tramin GWT and was blown away by it as a terrific GWT for the price. So I asked Mark if they could get in their higher-end GWT Nussbaumer.
    Both of these are exceptional GWTs. The sort of wines that first drew me to Alsatian GWT back in the '70’s. In general, I prefer Sudtirol GWT (its supposedly originated near Tramin) to those from Alsace anymore as less bombastic & more food friendly.
    I thought the Nussbaumer was a step above the regular GWT. But I think w/ my weenies & kraut, I’d go for the regular GWT, especially for the $$'s. The Nussbaumer is pushing the border into VT territory & needs something very rich to tame the intensity.