TN: Two Austrian Wines

My brother and his wife were over last night and we opened these two wines. A little background: I was “educated” on the unexpected pleasures of better GV on a visit to Vienna a few years back; I have had a recent interest in tasting Riesling over the past year or so from almost anywhere in almost any style; both bottles were purchased last year as part of a nice BD10 Austrian white sampler offering from Balanced Wine Selections.
2015 Weingut Eder Riesling Federspiel
Pleasant wine, but not very complicated. Mineral, subdued fruit, on the light side. Tasty, but not impressive enough for me to go get another bottle of this wine. This was about $20 normal retail
2015 Weingut Eder Grüner Veltliner Smaragd Süssenberg
What a pleasure! Spice, herbs, fruity dry, balanced on the medium intense side. Impressive I thought. I could drink this wine often. More, please! This was about $35 normal retail. (why did this GV remind me of Viognier - faulty taste memory?)