TN: Turley PetiteSirah HayneVnyd '94...(short/boring)

Tried this two weeks ago:

  1. Turley PetiteSirah HayneVnyd/NapaVlly (14.9%) Oakville 1994: Very dark color w/ little bricking; rather earthy/dusty/OV slight peppery/licorice strong toasty/woody/planky/oak bit fumey/alcoholic some bretty/horsecollar bit complex nose; soft rather dried out/tannic dusty/OV/earthy slight peppery rather toasty/woody/oak pretty hot/alcoholic bit complex flavor w/ light hard/coarse/drying tannins; long somewhat hot/alcoholic very earthy/dusty/OV quite woody/oak slight peppery no fruit finish w/ light rough/drying tannins; some interesting things therein but has not matured well at all; interesting nose but unattractive on the palate.

No BP this time.

Quite the review Tom. The bottle sounds like a hot mess.

I know I had the 95 and probably the 94 10-13 years ago and the 95 was pretty tasty in a PS way, but highly structured and far from peak. The 95 was Helen’s last vintage.

Thanks for the note Tom…although I was really hoping to read that this wine was singing and drinking at or near peak.

I’ve had some Turley Hayne PS around 15 years of age that were awesome. Maybe that’s about the sweet spot for these wines?

Mister Tom Hill. How was this wine stored? I brought a bottle to the unifies symposium this last week that showed very differently from your note. A wine journalist who is not a fan of Turley commented that it was a great wine, and he said,that he said that begrudgingly. Ours definitely did not show alcohol or oak. Just wondering on storage, as I know you prefer to store some California wines next to your space heater out in thee ol jet propulsion lab.

Tegan was yours 1994 PS? When I used to buy Turley I found different bottlings varied wildly from overblown to elegant.

Well, Tegan…this one was not from my orphan stash. It was stored in my back storage (uncontrolled temps) room where I’ve not seen any signs of heat damage in other wines.
It was stored standing upright…but there was no signs of leakage or the cork drying out.

Don’t let it bother you Tegan. Tom has never given a glowing review of any petite sirah and I have been following his notes from the very start, back in the days of DOS commands and Usenet. Tom likes to say that with pet “you have to kiss a lot frogs to find a prince”. Tom just keeps kissing frogs. No princes. Doesn’t stop him from kissing those frogs. Methinks he likes kissing frogs.
Now Tom, don’t get peeved that I don’t sound like much of a friend this time.

Bummer, Tom. I would have had higher expectations, based on track record, etc. But as Tegan’s comments go to show, there are no great wines - just great bottles :slight_smile:


Awwwwww, Mitch…there are plenty of princes out there in the PS world. Jaffurs/Carlisle/Turley/JacobFranklin/LimerickLane/Polymath/Forlorn-Hope/EaglePoint.
I always give glowing reviews to the ArchibaldCuvee. You may have followed me from the very start…but just not closely enough!!! [snort.gif]

Enjoyed the 02 last month. Little heat, great balance, not port like at all. Just wonderful with a long life ahead of it. Stored since purchased from the winery in my passive cellar.

Had the 1999 this past summer and it was gorgeous and came from a passive cellar.

Get 'em, Tom!

I am also surprised to hear that the Hayne PS disappointed. Goes to show that there are no great wines…blah blah blah.

Wow, these are vastly different from my notes of April 15 2015 tax day drinking the Hayne PS from 1995. Still had some dark berry fruit in nose but matured with some herbal/woody notes in nose. Finish was smooth and long. Not at all tired. Tannins were dusty but resolved. This was from a friend’s cellar that is temperature and humidity maintained and was purchased as a 6-pack and lain down in 1997 with 3 bottles removed so far.

Must have been travel shock.

Bruce (TFIC)

I was also surprised by the review. Had a bottle of this about a month ago and it was lively and full of dark fruit.

As I’ve gone thru btls from this back room stash…it’s not at all uncommon for wines of this age to show
considerable btl variation. All I can do is report what I tasted. I was expecting more from it as well.
But I had no reason to think this was a “bad btl” and give it a good scolding.
Alas, no more btls of this wine in that box. But a number of '94 Zins are there. Including a Hayne Zin.

To paraphrase Wes Hagen, 25-40% of the wines on the market are changed by the chemical reaction from the cork. Not necessarily detectable TCA, but the wine will be negatively impacted. Could be at play here…