TN/TNR: Gosset Grand Millesime 1999

Gosset Grand Millesime 1999:
Okay so I don’t have a great deal of experience with this house but I saw some of these for sale on the cheap and I thought, what the hell . . . So I am on to bottle three (out of eight) with little success. Just wondering what peoples’ experience with this wine has been. Below is my tasting note for the recent bottle:

A muted, almost coquette-ish nose that reveals only smalls amounts of citrus peel and some floral notes (roses?). In the glass there are far less bubbles than I would like to see, though the ones that are present are small and fine. From just looking at (and I guess smelling it too) it doesn’t seem very lively. Once tasted it is confirmed. Baked pears and ruby-red grapefruit slices (old ones) are blended with slightly tart redcurrants and some spice/mint. The finish is clipped. Is this past its prime? Was it ever good?

BTW- I also bought some '96 Celebris that was very good. So its not like I’m a hater . . .

I liked this for a more elegant mineral styled Champagne. I do think it will benefit from some cellar time as well. But your bottle sounds like it might have been treated poorly? The comment about the ‘far less bubbles’ is worrisome in that regard. What price did you get them for?

My note from December:

Blind I would have guessed a BdB. Rich lemon and sweet breads initially some aromas of ginger and cinnamon spice emerge after some time in the glass. Racey, acidic and tight the palate also evolves some gaining a pretty finish and some rich fruit very reminiscent of a good vintage Blanc de Blanc. I would say Raynolds note is spot on here. This is very good now with air and will be better in 3-5 years. Very good for the $54 from Garagiste.

I have singletons of 99 Grand Millesime and 98 Celebris from Garagiste, might be time to crack one.

I’ve never been a big fan of this vintage of Gosset. Like John, I think they do make some kick butt wines (the NV Grande Reserve and NV Grande Rose are wonderful for the price IMO), but the vintage releases (Millesime and Celebris) are often quite variable from vintage to vintage. My note on the 99 is below:

1999 Gosset Grand Millesime
(56% Chardonnay, 44% Pinot Noir; Some oak fermentation; No malolactic fermentation;
Disgorged 2007; $65-85 US)

Gosset has been hit or miss for me through the 1990s with their NV Grande Reserve and NV Grande Rose being the most consistent performers. Amongst the vintage wines, I have often been disappointed by some releases of the Brut Millesime, Celebris, and Celebris Rose cuvee. The 1999 kicks off with a nose that is rather plain. Simple scents of citrus and light dough appear, but neither have much depth or substance to them. Unfortunately, the palate doesn’t improve things as it shows thin flavors of citrus and apple. A few hints of cream appear over time, but overall this is very disappointing and certainly not worth the price. I wonder if Gosset’s move towards more marketing and increased production is beginning to affect the wines. Grade of B- (80-82)

the Gosset Brut Excellence is usually quite good ~ $35. the 1998 Celebris was a very good bottle enjoyed last holiday season.


I’ve found the Brut Excellence to have its ups and downs, but when it is good, it can be very good especially when stored for a few years. I’d still rather pay an extra $10-$15 for the Grande Reserve Brut, but not everyone will feel the same way.

like you Brad i’ll spend a few extra coins but for folks drinking lesser offerings from more widely available producers Gosset Brut Excellence is a really nice alternative, inexpensive Champ.