TN: Tikves Rkaciteli Macedonia '13....(short/boring)

Larry brought this mystery white last night:

  1. Tikves Rkaciteli SpecSlctn (12.5%;; EricSolomonSlctns) PhilippeCambie/Republic of Macedonia 2013: Pale gold color; somewhat piney/menthol rather floral/appley some earthy/stony attractive nose; soft lush/ripe rather melony/floral/apple/mango light earthy bit tangy/metallic flavor; med.long lightly floral/appley/melony light stony/earthy finish; quite a pretty wine. $18.00

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. Whilst we were tasting this wine blind, the Tikves Rkaciteli popped into my mind, but I rejected it because of Larry’s proclaimed $18 price tag. The wine is available here in NM for about $12. There was enough stoniness in it to make me guess Greece. The '11 showed up here in NM several yrs ago at a $10 price tag. It’s been one of my favorites at Vinagerette restaurant.
    This is a wine that PhilippeCambie did not screw up. It retains the stoniness I often find in Rkatstelli, though not the tart/austere character they often show. OTOH, his Tikves Vranac is a classic PhilippeCambie…soft/fat/porky over-oaked over-the-top grapey alcoholic soupy…just like his CdP…bludgeoned of any Vranac indigeneous character by the Cambie style.

I’ve liked the rkaciteli in the past but I can’t see spending $18 on it. Regarding the vranac, are you talking the blends, varietal, or both? I’ve got a couple bottles of one of the blends that i purchased after a small taste at a shop and while I remember it being big, I must have liked it enough to buy some. They are 2010s but maybe I should check in on one this fall.

That’s one of the indigenous varieties to that part of the World.

Yes but Tikves produces a 100% varnec, a blend of varnec and Kratošija, and a blend of varnec and Plavec. I wasn’t sure if you were referring to all the wines or just the pure varnec.