TN: Three New Ryme Wines....(short/boring)

My latest Ryme shipment came in last week, so tried these three from that stash:

  1. Ryme RibollaGialla GittensVnyd/DCV/SonomaCnty (12.0%) 2019: Deep golden/burnished bronze color; strong resiny/phenolic/VM/skin-contact slight orangey/graham cracker some earthy bit complex nose; lightly tart some austere/tannic bit dilute/weak strong phenolic/VM/resiny slightly rich/lush bit complex flavor w/ light tannic bite; med.long some VM/phenolic/resiny light graham cracker/orangey finish w/ light tannic bite; a bit lightweight/dilute RG VM & not the bracing acidity & tannic austerity of previous Ryme RG; probably will put on weight but give it about 5 yrs & may develop into something interesting but a bit of a disappointment right now. $48.00

  1. Ryme Sangiovese Friulano FoxHillVnyd/Mendocino (12.4%; 85% Sangiovese/15% Friulano) 2012: Light ruby red slight brick color; quite fragrant/fruity some Sangio/cherry/berry spicy/cinammon very attractive rather frivolous nose; bit soft slight metallic/tangy rather earthy/dusty rather cherry/Sangio bit bitey/tannic rather pretty flavor w/ light tannic bite; med.long bit tannic/bitey rather cherry/berry/Sangio some earthy/dusty bit soft finish w/ light tannic bite; a pleasant frivolous litte red one step above a rose; speaks mostly of Sangio; a pleasant light red but just that. $28.00

  1. Ryme Crackling Valdigue Buddha’sDharma/MendoCnty PetNat (11.9%) 2020: Rather dark color w/ lots of foamy bubbles that persist; fairly yeasty/bready light grapey/Bojo-like slight earthy nose; quite foamy/frizzante rather earthy/grapey/Bojo-like totally dry slight herbal pleasant flavor w/ light tannic bite; med.long quite fizzy/frizzante slight bready/yeasty light grapey/BHojo-like/fruity finish w/ light tannic bite; like many PetNasts, the flavor vanishes in the mouth as the wine foams up & makes the flavor vanish very rapidly leaving little behind on the palate; pricey at $38.00

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. Ribolla: This is clearly a skin-contact/VM Ribolla. Previous editions have been from the VareVnyd just North of the town of Napa. They have been some of the best Calif Ribollas and age into beautiful/complex VM.
    This is their first RG from the GittensVnyd. It seemed a bit lightweight/dilute on the palate, but I expect it to put on some weight w/ age but don’t think it will be a great Ryme Ribolla.