TN: Terra d'Oro Teroldego '13...(short/boring)

Shared this wine up at GhostRanch ystrday:

  1. Terra d’Oro Teroldego BurkeRanch/AmadorCnty (14.5%; Plymouth 2013: Very dark color; strong plummy/black cherry cola/chocolaty fairly perfumed/Real-Kill some Amador briary slight herbal/thyme bit earthy rather Teroldego nose; rather soft rich/lush chocolaty/licorice/black cherry cola bit tangy/earthy slightly rough bit herbal/thyme light vanilla/Am.oak flavor w/ light tangy/bitey tannins; med.longchocolaty/plummy/briary/black cherry cola/Teroldego bit herbal/thyme soft/ripe slight metallic/tangy/rough bit vanilla/Am.oak finish w/ light bitey/rough tannins; speaks of AmadorCnty briar and quitely of ripe Teroldego; quite a lovely/interesting nose but a bit rough/tangy on the palate; very good red for the price. $15.60 (CB)

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. I’ve not been a big fan of the Terra d’Oro wines ever since SutterHome bought out Montevina yrs ago. They are pleasant enough, a bit on the dilute/boring side, varietally correct but just that. So I had pretty low expectations when I tried this wine. It speaks quietly of Teroldego varietal character and is fairly priced. But would prefer the basic Foradori Teroldego as being much more interesting.