TN: SQN, Passionfish, Heitz, Puke!!, Pebble Beach...

Well, the weekend in the Monterey Peninsula didn’t really go according to plan. It was suppose to be dinner at Passionfish Fri night…watch the golf at Pebble sat, with dinner at Casanova’s in Carmel that night, breakfast both mornings at Highlands Inn California Market…all with some super wines! We arrived in Carmel fri…strolled around for a while…then headed to dinner at Passionfish. SUPER dinner…an AMAZING lobster ravioli with bee pollen-orange-honey olive oil and aged asiago cheese was thoroughly enjoyed with a bottle of 2008 SQN Kolibri, and a 2009 Turley Cinsault. Then, that wasn’t enough fun, so I mistakenly said to my wife…lets go to Roy’s!! Had few more glasses of 2005 Heitz Cab, and cocktails…sat outside by the fire pits, as well as inside…hobnobbing with the rich(of which we are not!)…having a great time. Well, NOT so the next morning. Found myself reliving the college days…praying to the you-know-what God all morning!! It wasn’t pretty…but I ralleyed…made it to Pebble to watch the golf and celebrities…but not in the best of shape. THE REALLY BAD PART was going to dinner that night at Casanova’s in Carmel, and having another KILLER meal(wild mushroom risotto)…but NOT being able to have ANY wine!!! It was horrible, and a real first for me…although the tab for dinner was cheap! My wife had a glass, but she wasn’t 100% either…I drank vicariously through the Som, as he poured many bottles of good stuff to the table in front of us. “I may never be able to drink wine again” I told her…just like I don’t drink hard liquor anymore!
Well, this morning we did make it to Highlands Inn for breakfast, which was fantastic…and now I’m sipping on a '08 Chalone Chard tonight, which is going down just fine…everything is alright with the World again!!

Thank God!

Lets here some of your “one to many” moments.

It was very red and very long ago.

weak sauce


That Lobster Ravioli sounds fantastic!

Sorry your “kill” switch was broken, it happens to the best of us (in your case, at the worst possible time).

the lobster rav is killer (i love passionfish) but you really should have drank the following night; you would have felt so much better in fact you should have had a beer or few bloody mary’s during the day.


So what was the take on the Cinsault? I know there had been some discussion of this prior to your visiting there - wondering what you thought of it . . .


Turn in your Man Card immediately.

hey truett. long time!

bloody mary and beers couldn’t have saved the day? i never heard of such a thing [cheers.gif]

Since when do you swallow? When you and I were at PassionFish you spit out at least a bottle and a half of quite tasty SQN…

You are clearly a lightweight… [tease.gif]

Not a proud day for Berserkers when a member of the community in good standing fails to drink wine at a dinner at Casanova! [wink.gif]

Ok ok…no need to question my drinking manhood…I’ll chalk it up to the antibiotics that I had just got done taking for a sinus inf.! pileon I’ve drunk WAY more wine than that night…and can’t even remember the last time I got sick off it. Just one of those things.

Scott - no spitting at all…this was the wife and I’s weekend get away without the kids…celebrating was in full force! And btw…you never saw me spit the SQN’s did you!!!

Larry - the 2009 Turley Cinsault was VERY fruity, almost like fruit punch, little VA spritz(wife didn’t care for), some nice earth tones and candied cherry spice. An easy drinker, went well with the food, but really not much to it. I wouldn’t seek it out again. Damn BC…I should have went for the Alban Forsythe!

Btw, the 2005 Heitz Napa Cab that I was drinking at Roy’s was REALLY good…but just the thought of it that next morning had me running for the bathroom again! [barf.gif]